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  • 2012/03/27 Tue 09:21
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Old fanart of Gundam Wing I did one year ago (2011 - and found again in my folders) when I met Lou in Toronto.

Spotting mistakes is sign of improvement, I guess.
I don't know if I will ever finish it but I still do really like this show.
(Ah, childhood memories). I will always remember that Heero taught me to draw collarbones :9

I used to tend to draw those characters with too much hair like for Heero above, and Trowa (LOL)


I'm sure he could stab you with his hair.
That's a weapon all by itself.

Meet Moto Hagio #2

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  • 2012/03/17 Sat 22:41
  • Life
Yes, writing "Meet Moto Hagio" #2 before the first one... because this one is actually shorter to write (●´Å`). I will link to the first report once I'll be done writing it. >__<

Today was the second time I've met Moto Hagio. I'm still sorry I couldn't talk with her directly ! ;_; This is not a complete report of everything she said today, since most of what she said was already mentioned in the conference (Meet Hagio Moto #1, still being written). But here we go :

I started sketching a fanart for her 30 min before catching the bus. Not a really good idea... Then I tried to rush the watercolour for it. *cries* Worst idea ever ! I ended up not having anything good to give her. orz

^ Mosaics above because it's... just too bad 8'|

Rest is under the cut.

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  • 2012/02/13 Mon 20:41
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Forgot to post this here... Just put up a new category for fanarts :)
I will try to whine less about life, and perhaps do manga/movie/anime reviews in a post, whenever I have time.
All I can say is that as the usual, I am behind my schoolwork and busy/tired ;
in other words, my life isn't very interesting right now.
One good thing is that I will post up a preview of a page of my comic I update every wednesday from now on !

>> Comic draft for nozmo <<< (click to see... /LIES DOWN)
I am so late at updating this blog that the pictures get old, Elijah please forgive me...

(no he doesn't seem to want to)


Here are some commissions I did a few weeks ago.

Lunette Cadore for melonkitty (her character)

* * *

Luke and Mae for SugaryInsanity ! ♥ (her OCs)

;_; I'm a little sad that I'll be slow to make everything... orz

Merry Christmas !

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  • 2011/12/28 Wed 11:22
  • Fanart

My favourite part on this picture :

SS - Haku and Chihiro for Reiyu-kun by *Kiwishu on deviantART

which was a secret santa picture requested by Reiyu-kun. (click through to see the full picture)

Anyways, just a small announcement to say that for this new year, I will make an update once or twice a week on this blog (wips, sketches, illustrations, experimentations, photos, etc.) since I got a new tablet and inherited my brother's laptop for christmas.

HOORAY ! 〜(≧∇≦〜) (〜≧∇≦)〜 〜(≧∇≦〜)

Please look forward to me being much more active again !

And happy holidays ~ ♥
Hope you're having a great moment with your family and friends !

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