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  • 2012/03/01 Thu 17:46
  • Life

Hi ! I am currently still on a semi-hiatus, but going better. I am trying to get back to a normal and organized life - since things will get much, much more intense and difficult for me on the two next months. (papers to write, memoirs, essays, finals, portfolio and CV to prepare, orals to pass, movies to realize... the list could go on forever).

So... news are that I can't keep up on any comics/webcomics right now, I'm afraid. (*´Д` ;)

I have to put Time Killers under an undetermined hiatus - which sucks, since it had just started - but from that very short experience I've learned things (that there are both good and bad sides to have a fresh project weekly written and drawn ; good (?) side is that you are under pressure and have to work in the instant, but bad sides are that you have no place for doubt nor enough time for planning, and you can't afford to have a busy student life on the side... >__<;)

But ! Rest assured, Time Killers won't be dead so soon though. Even if I can't physically draw it, I will keep on developing the universe - along with my other major project Paperplane - and as a sideproject, it helps me to experiment more... except that I can't let it stress me more than I am already ! I hope you will still look forward to it when it will be back and the comic (and my life) will be going less erratically. u__u

Thank you for understanding and still following me through those bad phases, always. I'm so sorry for being so sporadic on updates and all ! I must find my path and pace.

I feel like I'm on the right way.
Just need a little of your patience !


Bonus update, because I don't only have old pictures to show... thankfully /w\


This guy above was basically from my 24 comic hour ;)... Poor boy. So beaten up.

How my comic Time Killers first page looks like before scanning... ! (here the picture was taken while it was unfinished, but you can see the process I guess)

My characters are gonna kill me one day.

Happy new year !

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  • 2012/01/01 Sun 21:51
  • Paperplane

Now a link to a small sidestory I made back in May 2011 and finally finished toning during the holidays. I wanted this done before 2012. :9

Click on the banner to read !

I might remove it later when I start the actual comic, so people wouldn't get confused. (Perhaps things won't happen like this later, even though the characters remain the same.)

Anyways, I wish you to stay healthy, inspired, and to be successful in anything you make.
As for me, this new year... I need to :
- manage my time better
- produce more things
- improve in drawing by working a lot more
- if possible, manage a webcomic. At least, make comics.
- be more independant, eat and sleep well, stay healthy.

Onwards to 2012 !!!

And now, pictures log time.

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  • 2011/11/27 Sun 18:31
  • Rakugaki
Oh, well. I was just thinking that I might as well make an art post before burning working on my physics speech.

11/11/05. I drew that just right after reading the two volumes of Solanin (by Asano Inio). I don't think that I've ever cried so much over a manga than this one.

Three words : Just. read. it.

11/11/13. I really like steampunk and victorian fashion, I should draw more of it. (and study more too.. *cough*)

11/11/23. Quick stress-relief doodle I made, inspired by Vagabond (by Takehiko Inoue. That man is a GOD and one of my new everlasting inspirations) that I had forever pushed aside because I was afraid I would get into it too much and neglect my studies... Which I... kinda did when I read it... OTL
sobs I want to continue reading it aaaaaa but but I have to work orz.

11/11/26. Character design for an upcoming comic I am trying to work on. ;9 But shhh !!! This is secret.

I now noticed how it's always funnier not drawing the same kind of characters (which I am trying not to do anymore) and trying to vary their types. I really need to work more on that !! so...

A wild entry appears !

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  • 2011/11/02 Wed 23:02
  • Fanart
(An entry I wrote exactly 3 weeks ago. (on October 12th)
So I might as well post it ! It was saved in my drafts all that time...)

//So please read this as of October 12th!//

I don't have much to post lately (I barely sleep anymore or either produce crap at school) orz so... here have a very very cheesy fanart I made in September to cheer my friend rem up !
It's a fanart of Nemo, her original character from her project "Devil's Candy". Ah man, I'm so eager to see what it's gonna be like... ( //* q *)

A few news ? Not many except that I need to organize my time more so I could find some time to sleep and perhaps, do projects (+ learn some japanese). (yes please excuse my japanese / korean expression and bad english on the illustration orz...)

Oh right, my laptop's screen is weird, I keep having luminosity problems (and that I can't resolve)... /__\ OTL Hopefully I will get my brother's laptop in December, when he comes back from Canada ! And so during Christmas holidays I'll marathon all my cg commissions, finish the sketch commission too and send every package I have to send. Whew !
Please be forgiveful for my crappy pictures edits, later on... m(_ _)m

There have a few photos i've taken a while ago :9

My very first shoujo magazine I bought to see how it was like inside (Betsuma Margaret is actually a very very cool shoujo mag, mang). There was an extra included (summer stories) with an extra hug-and-kiss-on-the-beach-at-sunset sparkling scene. Wooyes. (just kidding I haven't read it yet)

The size of the thing was actually very surprising wow

Strobe Edge, by Sakisaka Io (in japanese because the french version sucks. So I prefer to get it in the original version) + Gente, by Ono Natsume

S mag vol.32 featuring yooani's illustration, which was a big surprise when I saw it inside. On the right, there is Le samourai bambou by Taiyou Matsumoto which won the Grand Tezuka Prize, and which I still need to read.

S mag is awesome ! The magazine features many artists and illustrators, and have very good interviews (that I can't read yet/shot) but in overall it's a very, very good quality magazine. If you ever see any S mag, grab it and take a look inside, you won't regret it.

Oh ! And before I forget, a shoujo I discovered not long ago, thanks to my friend Sarah : Yumemiru Taiyou (which you can read here.)
I really liked the cute style within the panels, and also the different types of characters. One serie that gave me the shoujo feelings ahaha ! To check !
The serie is also serialized in Betsuma Margaret, and I very dumbly spoiled myself while reading the mag. Facepalm.

(I didn't resist getting the tomes when I saw them on sale at book-off....)

*COUGH* Yeps... I am a shameless (good !)shoujo-lover... └((´э`))┘

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