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  • 2012/06/16 Sat 09:04
  • Paperplane

Finally done with this picture, click for better view !
I'm thinking about using this place now for archiving (well that was mostly what i did here anyways) and keeping long posts i can refer to.

Right now, I am working again on my tumblr layout (which is more interactive and that I'll use as my most active blog as of now) and also on my webcomic... (plus late commissions too I AM SO SORRY hsdgfdfqs).

Somehow it's still difficult to draw, but I am definitely burnt up ! >8U

Looking forward

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  • 2012/06/07 Thu 21:37
  • Paperplane

Sometimes, I am just very tired of posting drawings without any consistency, nor colours, nor values. Like my latest post.

Please accept my apologies.
I am working on improving my coloring skills.

m( _ _ )m

I wasn't supposed to post that, but i felt like my artblog was crying from all the bad arts :'D So this is still a wip, edited on google+ album editor. It's actually... pretty neat. To give a last touch to your pictures, easier to understand than photoshop :). Click for bigger view.

1:01 am

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  • 2012/06/04 Mon 01:01
  • Paperplane

A small update to say that I've been doing better lately.
School finally ended for me a few days ago, I passed my exams and got great results !! But... I haven't had the time to chill out yet. I've just started my internship and it is being an intense though good experience right now.

One of the good news is that I'm back to getting more familiar with drawing, so I'll be able to take back on my commissions again. (I didn't want to draw them feeling frustrated and unsure of myself). Now I only need to fight against life-drawing-angst... I haven't done an observation-from-life drawing without making screeching sounds with my teeth.

Second of the good news is that Paperplane will definitely be updated this summer since I am working on it... uehehe !!! Above is a wip crop for an illustration. (Won't be lineless, though I like this version ;D )

I find myself finding much more appeal to many things and other kinds of art / illustrators, and I'm thankful for this year in animation + this art school for it ;
So many things to look at and learn from ! So many ideas, and so much to produce !

But first...

Following : a quick doodle I made on a cintiq at work during break... cintiq are great.


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  • 2012/05/26 Sat 14:35
  • Paperplane

FINALLY !!!!! A drawing i made one month ago. I didn't draw at all except this :(

First thing is that I am slighty better. Resting away from computer and reading books again (with some nice herbal drinks) is like... magical. It helped me to go through finals. In one week, I'll start my internship, but now life rythm slowed down.

... except for my projects !

Personal list of things to do now :

- Paperplane (comic, illustrations, script, universe)
- Draw much, much more. Train. Stop to inhibition ! D:<
- Go to the library.

- Work on volume movie
- Work on my own student movie (two projects) for next year
- Read books ! Be less on the computer.

- Draw more illustrations, practice CG and traditional colouring.
- Work on surprise project (if possible.)

Whew ! That's a lot.
Hopefully I'll also post more.

See ya !

Already miss Rome

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  • 2012/04/04 Wed 08:41
  • Life

I've been away for one week in Rome for a school trip, and I absolutely loved the town.
It was weird, because it felt like time just stopped while I was there ; as if I had been away for a whole month, walking through mountains and hills full of churches guarded by thousands of sculptures...

I wish I could go there by myself or just friends, because I love how there is history behind each art piece and wall of this city. Like how I met and fell in love with statues made by Le Bernin, of David, or Daphne and Apollo. And wanted to stay there forever contemplating them.

Good thing too is that I now want to read much more about Antiquity, greek and roman mythology. And also draw a lot more settings, use much more colors...!
The town was just so huge, that I felt like I became an ant in a city bigger than Paris - especially when going to the Vatican, which was the most beautiful temple dedicated to God that I've ever seen in my life. (well, I guess it's understandable why).

News are that I don't know if I can write longer entries than just this and a complete report on Roma, because I am now entering the most stressing and terrible student crunch time period for my finals and I will most likely not post anything life-related for a while. I even hope I can keep on drawing on a regular basis and be okay with my school work... and survive all of this.

So... brb, writing a 25 p-long memoir within less than 2 weeks... then all the rest of my creative projects for school and a second memoir 8I

Let's keep on fighting... right... ?

RIGHT !!! q(`Д´●)

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