Orange tights

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  • 2012/08/13 Mon 18:31
  • Paperplane
Hi there.
Wow, it's been two months since I last updated this blog... I never know when I should be updating it. ( / o \);
To make up for it, here have the bonus version of Hoshi wearing orange tights.

cough ok this is lame sorry cough

Truth is, I got busy with my project and I can't post things I did. I've also had some down time with health and life events, but since I could enjoy myself nevertheless the past month, I'm grateful to life for it. I had Japan Expo going on, where I met many people and had great memories ! So that itself was really nice.

Since this blog is very much an archive blog now, something i made last month :

Scan of the never-to-be-finished sketch :

The rest will come later ! Let's not have too much at a time, please enjoy your breakfast.

Already miss Rome

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  • 2012/04/04 Wed 08:41
  • Life

I've been away for one week in Rome for a school trip, and I absolutely loved the town.
It was weird, because it felt like time just stopped while I was there ; as if I had been away for a whole month, walking through mountains and hills full of churches guarded by thousands of sculptures...

I wish I could go there by myself or just friends, because I love how there is history behind each art piece and wall of this city. Like how I met and fell in love with statues made by Le Bernin, of David, or Daphne and Apollo. And wanted to stay there forever contemplating them.

Good thing too is that I now want to read much more about Antiquity, greek and roman mythology. And also draw a lot more settings, use much more colors...!
The town was just so huge, that I felt like I became an ant in a city bigger than Paris - especially when going to the Vatican, which was the most beautiful temple dedicated to God that I've ever seen in my life. (well, I guess it's understandable why).

News are that I don't know if I can write longer entries than just this and a complete report on Roma, because I am now entering the most stressing and terrible student crunch time period for my finals and I will most likely not post anything life-related for a while. I even hope I can keep on drawing on a regular basis and be okay with my school work... and survive all of this.

So... brb, writing a 25 p-long memoir within less than 2 weeks... then all the rest of my creative projects for school and a second memoir 8I

Let's keep on fighting... right... ?

RIGHT !!! q(`Д´●)


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  • 2012/03/27 Tue 09:21
  • Fanart

Old fanart of Gundam Wing I did one year ago (2011 - and found again in my folders) when I met Lou in Toronto.

Spotting mistakes is sign of improvement, I guess.
I don't know if I will ever finish it but I still do really like this show.
(Ah, childhood memories). I will always remember that Heero taught me to draw collarbones :9

I used to tend to draw those characters with too much hair like for Heero above, and Trowa (LOL)


I'm sure he could stab you with his hair.
That's a weapon all by itself.

Meet Moto Hagio #2

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  • 2012/03/17 Sat 22:41
  • Life
Yes, writing "Meet Moto Hagio" #2 before the first one... because this one is actually shorter to write (●´Å`). I will link to the first report once I'll be done writing it. >__<

Today was the second time I've met Moto Hagio. I'm still sorry I couldn't talk with her directly ! ;_; This is not a complete report of everything she said today, since most of what she said was already mentioned in the conference (Meet Hagio Moto #1, still being written). But here we go :

I started sketching a fanart for her 30 min before catching the bus. Not a really good idea... Then I tried to rush the watercolour for it. *cries* Worst idea ever ! I ended up not having anything good to give her. orz

^ Mosaics above because it's... just too bad 8'|

Rest is under the cut.

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Download Paperplane's first sidestory "37.5°C" + bonus !

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  • 2012/03/13 Tue 06:56
  • Paperplane

2011/03/10 marked the beginning of the Paperplane sidestory "37.5°C".
Actually the secret behind this sidestory... is that I had the idea of it while I was sick, in bed, with a high fever. (This might make people wonder : are there many artists who write their stories or make mangas while being sick or in some form of high-ness ? Sometimes I wonder myself).
This story just took place quite randomly, and was not even one foot of my actual full story for Paperplane. It was more like an experiment that I enjoyed doing and which brought me some more experience as far as toning, inking with a nib...

But I’ve thought that it was time for me to remove it from the website. I’ve changed and matured a lot since then, and so my story did. Since this sidestory does not reflect anything of the actual reviewed Paperplane story I thought it would be pointless to keep it on the website.

I am currently thinking and rewriting Paperplane in another setting and tide bit different genre (more josei than shoujo). I've been writing the Paperplane story for two years now, so I feel more comfortable with this project than with Time Killers. I really hope I can start this summer ; it’s been one of my priority projects and one that I really want to achieve.

I hope you’ll still be interested in reading it ! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, anticipation and support ! ♥

AAAALL the bonus, download, everything is under the cut. Enjoy !

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