Red tie

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/08/14 Tue 21:30
  • Paperplane

Alternate version (without bubble pop) of the illustration...
P P P also stand for Pa-per-plane.

Looks like it's finally your turn, Atsushi.

Bunch of Atsushis I drew today without an eraser. I'm PROUD!
(Click to enlarge.)

See you soon !

Orange tights

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/08/13 Mon 18:31
  • Paperplane
Hi there.
Wow, it's been two months since I last updated this blog... I never know when I should be updating it. ( / o \);
To make up for it, here have the bonus version of Hoshi wearing orange tights.

cough ok this is lame sorry cough

Truth is, I got busy with my project and I can't post things I did. I've also had some down time with health and life events, but since I could enjoy myself nevertheless the past month, I'm grateful to life for it. I had Japan Expo going on, where I met many people and had great memories ! So that itself was really nice.

Since this blog is very much an archive blog now, something i made last month :

Scan of the never-to-be-finished sketch :

The rest will come later ! Let's not have too much at a time, please enjoy your breakfast.


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  • 2012/05/26 Sat 14:35
  • Paperplane

FINALLY !!!!! A drawing i made one month ago. I didn't draw at all except this :(

First thing is that I am slighty better. Resting away from computer and reading books again (with some nice herbal drinks) is like... magical. It helped me to go through finals. In one week, I'll start my internship, but now life rythm slowed down.

... except for my projects !

Personal list of things to do now :

- Paperplane (comic, illustrations, script, universe)
- Draw much, much more. Train. Stop to inhibition ! D:<
- Go to the library.

- Work on volume movie
- Work on my own student movie (two projects) for next year
- Read books ! Be less on the computer.

- Draw more illustrations, practice CG and traditional colouring.
- Work on surprise project (if possible.)

Whew ! That's a lot.
Hopefully I'll also post more.

See ya !

Sigma Orionis

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/04/14 Sat 21:10
  • Rakugaki

detail of a stress-relief sketch I did today. I like the full-size better, so please proceed under the cut (NSFW - nudity)

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Year of the dragon (yes, a little late.)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/31 Sat 19:22
  • Paperplane
Digged this picture from my HDD, I first made this postcard to be sent on CNY. :T
But then, after screwing up the coloring I completely forgot it and never could send the postcard... ( / w \);;

Whatever !
(I finished the drawing on photoshop, a little.)

... He's a secret character from my project Paperplane :9
He will not appear before long, but I still enjoy drawing him.

(ps. the dragon was not supposed to look like dragon ball z's at first.... pshhwww )

Still in Roma, enjoy the reserved date entries ! :D

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