Year of the dragon (yes, a little late.)

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  • 2012/03/31 Sat 19:22
  • Paperplane
Digged this picture from my HDD, I first made this postcard to be sent on CNY. :T
But then, after screwing up the coloring I completely forgot it and never could send the postcard... ( / w \);;

Whatever !
(I finished the drawing on photoshop, a little.)

... He's a secret character from my project Paperplane :9
He will not appear before long, but I still enjoy drawing him.

(ps. the dragon was not supposed to look like dragon ball z's at first.... pshhwww )

Still in Roma, enjoy the reserved date entries ! :D

Icecream... (´ q`)

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  • 2011/08/14 Sun 23:37
  • Fanart
My belated birthday gift for my dear friend Priscilla/tsulala/rem, whose birthday was on August 5th !! Her cute OC Marcus. <333


The draft, that I like better ;_; Well, I tend to like them better because the finished version usually "loses" something to the rough version.
I hadn't used my watercolours for... I believe, three months, so it was nice picking them up again ! (And basically, this was also my first drawing for a whole month. Baa...aahaha. orz)


I didn't draw for a long while, because of stress and lack of self-confidence issues.
Hopefully those issues are getting resolved !

When I am feeling like this, looking at Aki Shimizu (Suikoden III, Qwan), Rem, Yooani, Sumomo Yumeka/Sahara Mizu (Our Happy Hours, Nanairo Sekai), Kazue Kato (Ao no Exorcist) and a bunch of other artists and friends' pages really help me to keep my motivation up and keep looking at my goal and the kind of artist I would like to become.

That's why, I would like to thank all those inspirational people I've met online : those amazing inspirations, amazing friends, amazing artists or amazing people who share their tastes and keep on inspiring me.

Thank you so much everyone <333 !
I really need to achieve something that you and I could be proud of...
That would be my greatest wish. (so let's keep on FIGHTING (=è 3é)9 !!!)

-- On a side and dumb note, I made myself a Tegaki Messenger account but I cannot install it on my laptop due to some installation problems... blah.
I really need a new computer.

In the latest 5-min flash life report

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  • 2011/04/16 Sat 22:23
  • Works

Bad news :

▸ My computer died on me a few days ago, for good. After a greenscreen then infinite blackscreen. Files will be back (I hope) in December...
I lost almost all my school work for my upcoming portfolio.

▸ Photoshop lags a lot on my laptop, and the colors aren't fixed. So... cg-ing became difficult. I have to download all the fonts, brushes and patterns again

▸ I can't letter with photoshop... when I write one sentence on a text layer, as soon as I push "enter" it edits the layer and that's it. I can only make one sentence per layer. wow.
Do you guys have the solution for this ?

▸ I have been working on my website before home computer died, but now I don't have any picture to put in the gallery. (≖益≖)

▸ Been in a HUGE ARTBLOCK where I can't be satisfied of anything. I can't draw a face.

▸ This morning my iPod had two seizures, equivalent to a home computer bluescreen can I throw my dead computer off the window Shizuo-style and stamp on my ipod Izaya-style ( 휴益휴)sobbb

/end of whining

Good news :

▸ Discovered a very good mangaka, Ogawa Yayoi - with her really awesome josei "Kimi wa Pet". It changed me from shoujos, and I look up to her now.
Also read "On the other side of the mirror" by Jo Chen (another josei) ; it's really good and the oneshot at the end of the second volume is very inspiring. ♥

▸ Received rem's package and the basara fanbook I ordered so long ago <3 I really felt touched by rem's package for my birthday (not now, but on the 25th) iyaaa //// I will post pictures of the gifts I've got after my birthday passes ! Lot of awesomeness in one entry (//∇//)

▸ Rushed over two days Vodkapotato's birthday (on the 13th) gift until 3am BUT I GOT IN TIMEEEEE yays!



Her character Leigh, from two years ago. Good times...

For this picture, I used watercolors, inks, white ink, golden watercolours, arches paper, and some special paper (for the "Happy birthday Anita" band :9)


Look. The golden watercolour shines

More pictures under the cut !! I tried to upload a .gif of the process, but imageshack froze it to the first step ~__~; so it will be on a slideshow instead !

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2009/12 BASARA KIGAI artbook

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  • 2010/11/09 Tue 01:58
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A step-by-step of my illustration for the book (fanbook created by Kou's initiative, for December 2009, which gathered just sooo many awesome artists ;__; adkjfhg why was I even invited SOB ).
(Click on each picture to see it in bigger size)

On the left there was a little pencil illustration by panels that I wanted to do for the book... but finally due to the lack of time I never finished it.
And now the pencil went down everywhere... OTL...

It was written :
Mitsuhide(lici)ous > Pun with "mitsuhidelicious" and "mitsuhideous"
♦ Kenshin x Kasugasms > in reference of her ODD REACTIONS whenever she talks to him. It traumatized me ever since I watched the first ep LOLLL (and god I only watched two episodes HAHAHA)
Why so badass / Why so uke > LOL NO COMMENT

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #01 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #02 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #03 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #04 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #05 small

And result :

2009-12-09 work basara kigai small copyright

My inking is so messy, I never ink only one character before going to another, but rather ink whatever I like to ink first. / w \;;

thank you for looking ! ♥

[repost] Greetings : step-by-step

As I missed drawing my other OCs, I tried to draw those from my project "Clockwork Circus" again... (I need to say that Arielucia and Tai-Chu quite inspired me =v=)b♥ )

The step by step was not supposed to be one, but as I scanned Wips over wips... wthen I figured that maybe posting them online to show you how I proceed would be nice.

So here we go :

Finished picture : (I did the end at the same time, that is why I didn't take the time to scan everything TvT )

From left to right :

Mr. Kyle, Mr. Kyerran, Mademoiselle Cerise © Kiwishu (me)

Okay let's see what are the other sketches I can post ! >8DDDDD

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