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  • 2012/03/27 Tue 09:21
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Old fanart of Gundam Wing I did one year ago (2011 - and found again in my folders) when I met Lou in Toronto.

Spotting mistakes is sign of improvement, I guess.
I don't know if I will ever finish it but I still do really like this show.
(Ah, childhood memories). I will always remember that Heero taught me to draw collarbones :9

I used to tend to draw those characters with too much hair like for Heero above, and Trowa (LOL)


I'm sure he could stab you with his hair.
That's a weapon all by itself.

Japan Expo...

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  • 2011/07/22 Fri 16:35
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*Huff huff* Why am I always so late at everything ? hahaha

It's been exactly three weeks since I've been attending Japan Expo (one day only this year), as a visitor and not an exhibitor.
It was fun but not as funny as I had expected ; I couldn't spend much time with my friends in the artist alley (and some were already gone on vacation) but I happily spent my money instead.... although now I'm broke*cough cough*. I didn't see (m)any japanese doujinshi circles, but that was to be expected with this year's events.

Some people might not be interested into reading the complete report, which is why I am posting this year's loot pictures first :



When I stepped by this artbooks stand, I merely spent all my money to get those three books OTL.... so what I got myself after were those very cute stickers (from Aranzi Aronzo)
Basically, everything they sold was really cute... but too pricey. 8__8

Never regretting the Tactics Ogre artbook though !!



I also got myself the two first volumes of Strobe Edge (by Sakisaka Io), which is one of my favourite shoujos. The panelling/pacing is very good, despite of the very beginning that some people would find "stereotyped" or weird. Past it, I really loved the scanlations' works, which made me discover and love this shoujo ; the french publisher and traduction, - with the typo for the title - didn't handle it well at all ; as a result, the work got sacrified (in my opinion) and the reading flow really suffered from the lack of french skills (and the will to make it look more professional by pulling dots after every each sentence, which just makes it the most unnatural ever).

In a few words, vocabulary mixed, (French being VERY subtile, you must use the right words in order to express the right things in the right context), lack of punctuation consistency literally ruined the work I've been so much looking forward to. To the point that I am myself considering to get the Japanese volumes...

But anyways, sorry for rambling over how a work got 'mis'published. It happens so much with even great works and make it appear dull that it irks and irritates me WAY TOO MUCH...



Look at that poster kana offered me when I bought strobe edge : the most kitschy and glittering poster I've ever seen in my life ever

After that, I was litteraly broke and didn't get to buy much anything else...

Detailed report under the cut !!

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  • 2011/03/20 Sun 13:22
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This file is named : bishounens.jpg. How could you resist clicking ?

(Yeah I had to put a huge warning just in case you expected something. LOL)


PS. I am not sorry
(and I love you bp and you too, guys)

/brb finding closet
I will become a quality shoujo manga artist later
... Indeed

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