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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/27 Tue 09:21
  • Fanart

Old fanart of Gundam Wing I did one year ago (2011 - and found again in my folders) when I met Lou in Toronto.

Spotting mistakes is sign of improvement, I guess.
I don't know if I will ever finish it but I still do really like this show.
(Ah, childhood memories). I will always remember that Heero taught me to draw collarbones :9

I used to tend to draw those characters with too much hair like for Heero above, and Trowa (LOL)


I'm sure he could stab you with his hair.
That's a weapon all by itself.


  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/02/13 Mon 20:41
  • Fanart

Forgot to post this here... Just put up a new category for fanarts :)
I will try to whine less about life, and perhaps do manga/movie/anime reviews in a post, whenever I have time.
All I can say is that as the usual, I am behind my schoolwork and busy/tired ;
in other words, my life isn't very interesting right now.
One good thing is that I will post up a preview of a page of my comic I update every wednesday from now on !

>> Comic draft for nozmo <<< (click to see... /LIES DOWN)
I am so late at updating this blog that the pictures get old, Elijah please forgive me...

(no he doesn't seem to want to)

Merry Christmas !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/12/28 Wed 11:22
  • Fanart

My favourite part on this picture :

SS - Haku and Chihiro for Reiyu-kun by *Kiwishu on deviantART

which was a secret santa picture requested by Reiyu-kun. (click through to see the full picture)

Anyways, just a small announcement to say that for this new year, I will make an update once or twice a week on this blog (wips, sketches, illustrations, experimentations, photos, etc.) since I got a new tablet and inherited my brother's laptop for christmas.

HOORAY ! 〜(≧∇≦〜) (〜≧∇≦)〜 〜(≧∇≦〜)

Please look forward to me being much more active again !

And happy holidays ~ ♥
Hope you're having a great moment with your family and friends !

Reply to the comment on the previous entry under the cut.

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A wild entry appears !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/11/02 Wed 23:02
  • Fanart
(An entry I wrote exactly 3 weeks ago. (on October 12th)
So I might as well post it ! It was saved in my drafts all that time...)

//So please read this as of October 12th!//

I don't have much to post lately (I barely sleep anymore or either produce crap at school) orz so... here have a very very cheesy fanart I made in September to cheer my friend rem up !
It's a fanart of Nemo, her original character from her project "Devil's Candy". Ah man, I'm so eager to see what it's gonna be like... ( //* q *)

A few news ? Not many except that I need to organize my time more so I could find some time to sleep and perhaps, do projects (+ learn some japanese). (yes please excuse my japanese / korean expression and bad english on the illustration orz...)

Oh right, my laptop's screen is weird, I keep having luminosity problems (and that I can't resolve)... /__\ OTL Hopefully I will get my brother's laptop in December, when he comes back from Canada ! And so during Christmas holidays I'll marathon all my cg commissions, finish the sketch commission too and send every package I have to send. Whew !
Please be forgiveful for my crappy pictures edits, later on... m(_ _)m

There have a few photos i've taken a while ago :9

My very first shoujo magazine I bought to see how it was like inside (Betsuma Margaret is actually a very very cool shoujo mag, mang). There was an extra included (summer stories) with an extra hug-and-kiss-on-the-beach-at-sunset sparkling scene. Wooyes. (just kidding I haven't read it yet)

The size of the thing was actually very surprising wow

Strobe Edge, by Sakisaka Io (in japanese because the french version sucks. So I prefer to get it in the original version) + Gente, by Ono Natsume

S mag vol.32 featuring yooani's illustration, which was a big surprise when I saw it inside. On the right, there is Le samourai bambou by Taiyou Matsumoto which won the Grand Tezuka Prize, and which I still need to read.

S mag is awesome ! The magazine features many artists and illustrators, and have very good interviews (that I can't read yet/shot) but in overall it's a very, very good quality magazine. If you ever see any S mag, grab it and take a look inside, you won't regret it.

Oh ! And before I forget, a shoujo I discovered not long ago, thanks to my friend Sarah : Yumemiru Taiyou (which you can read here.)
I really liked the cute style within the panels, and also the different types of characters. One serie that gave me the shoujo feelings ahaha ! To check !
The serie is also serialized in Betsuma Margaret, and I very dumbly spoiled myself while reading the mag. Facepalm.

(I didn't resist getting the tomes when I saw them on sale at book-off....)

*COUGH* Yeps... I am a shameless (good !)shoujo-lover... └((´э`))┘

Icecream... (´ q`)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/08/14 Sun 23:37
  • Fanart
My belated birthday gift for my dear friend Priscilla/tsulala/rem, whose birthday was on August 5th !! Her cute OC Marcus. <333


The draft, that I like better ;_; Well, I tend to like them better because the finished version usually "loses" something to the rough version.
I hadn't used my watercolours for... I believe, three months, so it was nice picking them up again ! (And basically, this was also my first drawing for a whole month. Baa...aahaha. orz)


I didn't draw for a long while, because of stress and lack of self-confidence issues.
Hopefully those issues are getting resolved !

When I am feeling like this, looking at Aki Shimizu (Suikoden III, Qwan), Rem, Yooani, Sumomo Yumeka/Sahara Mizu (Our Happy Hours, Nanairo Sekai), Kazue Kato (Ao no Exorcist) and a bunch of other artists and friends' pages really help me to keep my motivation up and keep looking at my goal and the kind of artist I would like to become.

That's why, I would like to thank all those inspirational people I've met online : those amazing inspirations, amazing friends, amazing artists or amazing people who share their tastes and keep on inspiring me.

Thank you so much everyone <333 !
I really need to achieve something that you and I could be proud of...
That would be my greatest wish. (so let's keep on FIGHTING (=è 3é)9 !!!)

-- On a side and dumb note, I made myself a Tegaki Messenger account but I cannot install it on my laptop due to some installation problems... blah.
I really need a new computer.

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