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Time travel

Past commissions I did in 2011.
Can I time travel ?!

Hermione, lend me your necklace.

I'm currently in Rome and have no internet, but next update is in a few days. :) (with unseen pictures anywhere !)

Don't shy out !

I can now post this picture here. :)
Pencil sketch commission of Bunny for 0toto's sister, a birthday gift commission.

I forgot there were daylight savings today...

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Chill out, boys

Pencil sketch commission of Pumpken for 0toto. (her OC)

and Hoenir for stephafoo.

I like doing those commissions, they allow me to chill out a little.
Right now I am in the middle of crunching everything for finals and it's been days I fell sick from exhaustion and from the new hot weather. (What a smart thing to do, boy.)

If you have any way of de-stressing, please tell me !
Let's relax around some tea~

♪♫♪ Listening to : Shiina Ringo - Yami ni furu ame

The great mistress

Pencil sketch commission Levia Dore for melonkitty. It was really fun drawing her characters ! (*´台`*)

Akotei for stephafoo. I also enjoyed drawing this one a lot <3


Here are some commissions I did a few weeks ago.

Lunette Cadore for melonkitty (her character)

* * *

Luke and Mae for SugaryInsanity ! ♥ (her OCs)

;_; I'm a little sad that I'll be slow to make everything... orz

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