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Sigma Orionis

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/04/14 Sat 21:10
  • Rakugaki

detail of a stress-relief sketch I did today. I like the full-size better, so please proceed under the cut (NSFW - nudity)

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And now, pictures log time.

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/11/27 Sun 18:31
  • Rakugaki
Oh, well. I was just thinking that I might as well make an art post before burning working on my physics speech.

11/11/05. I drew that just right after reading the two volumes of Solanin (by Asano Inio). I don't think that I've ever cried so much over a manga than this one.

Three words : Just. read. it.

11/11/13. I really like steampunk and victorian fashion, I should draw more of it. (and study more too.. *cough*)

11/11/23. Quick stress-relief doodle I made, inspired by Vagabond (by Takehiko Inoue. That man is a GOD and one of my new everlasting inspirations) that I had forever pushed aside because I was afraid I would get into it too much and neglect my studies... Which I... kinda did when I read it... OTL
sobs I want to continue reading it aaaaaa but but I have to work orz.

11/11/26. Character design for an upcoming comic I am trying to work on. ;9 But shhh !!! This is secret.

I now noticed how it's always funnier not drawing the same kind of characters (which I am trying not to do anymore) and trying to vary their types. I really need to work more on that !! so...

Dust of dreams.

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/09/24 Sat 21:17
  • Rakugaki

Click for full picture.

To every traveller who fell in a slumber under her tree,
Daphnee the nymph with her petals aided their reverie.

(Above, picture-test of new inks and nibs. One rule I always seem to forget : bristol doesn't take well water AAARGHHaaaahrgdjhdfglkjd)

Hi ! First of all, thank you guys for browsing my blog. Giving out some news about my current situation : I have started animation courses for three weeks now, and I'm starting to get overly busy (especially since I have a hard time to manage time) so it has also become very hard for me to draw personal things. But I will continue to update as much as possible my different webspaces.

School is interesting ! I wish we had more drawing courses, though.
Right now I am supposed to be writing an entire essay about "The Modern Times" (by Chaplin) but I am late at the task, and it is due on monday oh god... akjdhfg

sob sob brb studying 8__8

Reply to the comment on the previous entry under the cut.

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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/04/05 Tue 19:25
  • Rakugaki
Huff huff
last update of the day. (oh god that will never happen again. No more multiple entries a day no moreskfjhs)

Another stress-relief sketch I did out of... frustration...(≖‿≖)

I decided to pick it up and color it because I have been lately in a after-deadline-artblock ; so many ideas, but yet I feel like I can't pull anything out on paper... ): sighh. SO FRUSTRATING


2011 February, 10th


2011 April, 05th (after two months ! yay)

Guess why he is called "M" ? The one who does wins 9999999999999+ points |DDD


  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/04/05 Tue 19:00
  • Rakugaki

Nonsense makes me feel better.

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