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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/22 Mon 01:58
  • Paperplane
orz I didn't want not to post anything for this week (because I am currently busy LIKE CRAZY with school and... depression it's over now)

So I digged again in my computer files and found those old sketches (from June 2010) of my charas Atsushi and Hoshi. ヾ(*´∇`)

... the only problem is that now I'm ashamed since I see the epic anatomy failures fsfsflksjfs like the... *COUGHHHHtoo short armsCOUGHCOUGH* okay you didn't see anything

As usual, please click for full view ! *v*)b

2010-06-01 Atsushi glance small

2010-06-26 Small Atsushi small
Little Atsushi ! ☆

Now have some... expression meme.... failures

2010-06-29 Hoshi expressions I small

2010-06-29 Hoshi expressions II small

It is 2am what am I doing here
oh that's right, homework...

holy shit I won't wake up in a few hours


52wk, I'll reply to your comments on the next entry, okay ;__;

A bit of improvement ?!

A few weeks ago, I decided to rearrange my old drawing folders, organize them by year, project, etc.
And this is what I noticed : 2008 (age 13-14) had been my most productive year - with three big projects in mind that year, I drew 6-7 times more than what I usually produce a year...

I have been amazed myself to find this again ; how could I have drawn so much in such a little timelength ? o__o;

It's also the year my art style, anatomy improved the much, so... I'd give as an advice to everyone - including myself!- to never stop drawing, and draw lots lots lots lots if you want to improve fast.

nghh now gotta keep that advice in mind and draw a bunch of stuffs fslfkjs

-- Please click for full view !!!

2010-11 my room drawings

Yesterday, I decided to pick again some old OCs who were still waiting in some old folders... from 2008.
As they came from one of my shounen projects, I felt the urge to draw them again... *v*
It's very motivating to find its own old drawings and forgotten OCs hehehe~
Kicking my own asssssss !!!!! >8U


2008-Satsuki blue small 2008-Satsuki small

2010 version !

2010-11-12-Satsuki small

Hahaha she's quite a scary character, very much the bold and thick-headed type... quite violent too !! (╬ಠิ益ಠิ) sorry for the lazy shading (for her hair T 3T)


2008-Skye small

2010 version

2010-11-12-Skye small
*got slapped by Satsuki ! ( '∀')9*

Skye gets often -if not all the time- beaten by Satsuki... because he smokes (and she can't bear it !). He's also fighting a lot... and has... a lot of hidden habilities 8D

GYAAAHHH akdjhgdgdgfs I LOVE THOSE TWO, I missed drawing them !! (´;д;`)
ok gotta go back doing homework OTL...

In a see of sighs

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/13 Sat 13:00
  • Rakugaki
Detail of the sketch I did yesterday, inspired by a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine, Anita (avodkabottle). I wanted to draw a sketch like I used to do, a full sketch with shading and all, not only rough headshots.

I'll probably do a serie with semi-animal characters too :)

Detail (please click for full view) :

2010-11-11 Manfish detail

Full picture is here, linking to the dA entry where you can view it on a larger size :

2010-11-11 Manfish small

"In a sea of sighs
I wish I could breathe."

He is supposed to be a manfish in an aquarium...

On other news, I had been surprised by the affluence my blog had, lately. Thank you so much for taking your time to visit my blog ! I am honoured. m(_ _)m
Love, Reikan.

Replies to the comments on the previous entry are under the cut.

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2009/12 BASARA KIGAI artbook

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/09 Tue 01:58
  • Works
A step-by-step of my illustration for the book (fanbook created by Kou's initiative, for December 2009, which gathered just sooo many awesome artists ;__; adkjfhg why was I even invited SOB ).
(Click on each picture to see it in bigger size)

On the left there was a little pencil illustration by panels that I wanted to do for the book... but finally due to the lack of time I never finished it.
And now the pencil went down everywhere... OTL...

It was written :
Mitsuhide(lici)ous > Pun with "mitsuhidelicious" and "mitsuhideous"
♦ Kenshin x Kasugasms > in reference of her ODD REACTIONS whenever she talks to him. It traumatized me ever since I watched the first ep LOLLL (and god I only watched two episodes HAHAHA)
Why so badass / Why so uke > LOL NO COMMENT

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #01 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #02 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #03 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #04 small

2009-12-09 work basara kigai #05 small

And result :

2009-12-09 work basara kigai small copyright

My inking is so messy, I never ink only one character before going to another, but rather ink whatever I like to ink first. / w \;;

thank you for looking ! ♥

How I do chara design (aka procrastinate)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/07 Sun 12:12
  • Rakugaki
Hahaha everything is in the title. (lol I hope it doesn't sound too conceited OTL;;)

So... this is how I do character design :

1) Have a precise idea of the thing
2) Do something completely random, out of the blue, of things coming in my mind

Personally, I often use the #2 option.
I guess it's the most productive one... When I'm bored, I just grab a paper and a pencil.
And scribble random things that come to my mind, then random characters will come out of it...

Hehe sometimes I find interesting stuffs *v* I keep them in a folder and when I don't know what to do as a design, I just go look and find some random chara, give him a name and a story haha

okay cough that was an excuse to post random charadesigns I did *cough cough*

2009-09-26 rakugaki philosophical boy

2009/07 design - okay I remember that I drew that in front of a SJM vid (!) while doing a philosophy essay... I suck as a student LOL I guess that also explains why there is a drawing of Donghae LOLOL/runs away

And more recently now !

2010-11-04 rbot girl

2010 Nov. 4th - I did that random android design (that I'll maybe use for my project R-bot) during a course... hahaha /againfailstudent

2010-11-07 rakugaki girl

TODAY - quick cg sketch I did (20 min ? ok maybe not so quick LOL) instead of working on my assignement... Stress-relief doodle thing.

haha man I fail so much at being a student LOL.
okay *coughcough* please do not mind the anatomy failures;;; haha orz

PS. guys thank you so much for the comments and clap haha;; /RUNS

Character sketch dump

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/06 Sat 15:19
  • Paperplane
My characters from my project Paperplane, that I imagined back in May 2010.
My friend Twitch is waiting for this entry to appear for a long time 8DDD... so here I am hahaha

All the following drawings (concept art/scribbles) are from May/June - sorry for the uncleaned sketches, I'm too lazy to clean the scans (and busy too TmT) orz|| I'll clean them and reupload them another time maybe (*`▽´*)ノ

向原 篤 - SAKIHARA Atsushi

土山 星 - TSUYAMA Hoshi

LOL *cough* please do not mind the little annotations I write sometimes HAHA especially "fashionistaaa~"

also LOL*coughcough* I guess you can predict how the relation is going to be between those two hahaha

一喜 光 - KATSUKI Rei

(He'll come very much later in the story.)

This is how the character was born LOL : I felt like beating up someone (very angry at myself) and drew a random dude all beaten up... and haha here HE IS 8D

OKKK there're a lot of 3/4 left views because it is the easiest view for me to draw LOL (especially when I design characters...) but hehe I'll try to vary more later m(_ _)m *apologizes*

ahhh man writing this entry took me almost an entire hour WTF I NEED TO FLYYYYY DO MY HOMEWORK NOW

( ´,_ゝ`) /fails at life

ps. Comments are much appreciated !! (or clap if you don't have the time) s-so I know that there're people I know who go on my blog and don't feel all ronery posting stuffs for ninjas sob.... /rolls around

kk sorry for emoing in my corner *coughcoughignorewhatIjustsaidcoughcough* ( ´,_ゝ`) /fails99999xmore

Oekaki dump

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/03 Wed 22:20
  • Rakugaki
Hey guys !

Just posting some old oekaki pictures I had on my computer... Some of you may have already see one of them, because I posted it once -then deleted it-, but here I am again ! :)

On Twitter, I asked if I should post my old drawings I found by digging into my pc, and the answer I got was "yes please share !"... so... whenever I have the time, I'll post entries on queue, upload, resize those pictures (argh so much time-sucking D: ), and so there will be at least one post a week on this blog... just another way to keep it alive /runs

On other news, I have many many awesome VOCALOID videos to share with you.
I am being busy with school still, as always :/ and I need to work much much more and manage my time... T 3T I hope I'll be able to keep up with you guys SOB


Okay anyways here are the pictures, expect more to come soon ! :D
Random Original Characters design that I'll probably use again one day hehe..

2010-06-27 Oekaki #1

(I can't resize the picture, or else the dots get weird... so I'll just leave it like that)

2010-06-27 Oekaki #2 progress

One screencap from the pchat session before I finished the drawing...

2010-06-27 Oekaki #2


2010-06-27 Oekaki #3

Random picture... because I felt the mood like that :I

Also, all those oekaki pics come from June-July '10 TvT...

See you soon guys ! /dying under work
FKJAHKJSHD I've got my art history to study... SOBS....

Currently listening to :

omg just check it out-- the PV is AWESOME, the animation beautiful, the story sad but pretty, and also character designs + graphical universe = *Q* /drooling forever

Now I want to do fanarts.. orz

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