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Thank you so much everyone

First for your support on my last entry, I can't express how grateful I am to you all.
Your words really helped me to feel better about myself... Thank you.

And second, because after my call for help about my current situation - my dead pc died and my 2 years worth of work files were stuck in it - and launching cheap commissions to pay back my brother for his help and the custom piece he needed to repair my computer, you helped me so much to spread the word !!! On deviantart, tumblr and twitter...

I believe I reached enough money to pay back my brother, (he got a custom piece way cheaper than what he told me about :IIII) so I will close the commissions soon... as I won't probably have the time to draw commissions during school time. (I'll be very slow).

Maybe I'll re-open them later, who knows ?

You guys are amazing.
I don't have any other word to describe you.

Thank you, thank you so much.

Here I am going to post the commissions I've done until now, in a bigger version than the ones you can view on my tumblelog ;D (as usual, click for full view)

Commission sample (bonus for the late sketch commission) for DemonicEssence

Commission for my bff nozmo aaaa ;_;

Two ideas of composition for the Persona 4 fanart commission. Finished picture :

Souji x Naoto (Persona 4) commissioned by Caimekaze

Commission for the amazing Red, his character Mikolaj Pasarelli

H-haha I realized that
- doing the composition : 2min
- doing the actual sketch : 15min max
- doing the shading : 30min minimum KFJHSKJFS AND UPTEEN LAYERS OH GOD



  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/12/19 Sun 22:24
  • Life
20101219 omg aaaaaaaa midsmall

I don't know where I am anymore... I don't seem to be able to draw in the same anime style as before, and at the same time, my style isn't really cartoonish. I don't really have a style.

I guess I am in a big changement period.

Though I can't realize if that's good or bad ; it may be good in a way, since I have to take some risks and figure out / find myself, but I am always afraid of regretting something... Always afraid of changes.
I've noticed that it was for everything ; every time there would be something new, I'd be like scared or not liking it, until the day I realize that the new version / rule is better than the one before. But naturally, I come to doubt and grip myself onto something I know /__\

This is making me think of something I saw on the TV : it said that most of the French people were afraid of changements. Hahah;; is this even accurate fslkj

I wonder what you think about it guys ? I'm sorry, the only thing I have to show you is quite poor - bad quality photo, quick drawings I just made - and I don't know if you could say anything from that. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself... I've often been told that.

Maybe those are worries over nothing, again... I'm sorry to take your time OTL
can I still request a hug ;A;

(ps. I can't take a better picture since I have erased the animu Rhet face and replaced it by a "TIME TO MOVE ON"... ... ...)
PPS. Thanks guys for the comments and support on the previous entry m(_ _)m

Le Petit Prince

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/12/17 Fri 01:10
  • Fanart
LPP fanart small thumb

Please click for better view !

Digging up into my online folders... to post this fanart I did of the Little Prince for an art trade with my friend Billies, and that I did some months ago (around spring 2010).

Actually, this is pretty much an excuse to respond to the comments you guys left akjfhskfjsfs

orz right now I am being a biiiiit tired, (when I get back home I just collapse on the sofa) and so lately... I'm doing too quickly my work, which is bad.
I believe I need that weekend to rest ; just one more day and it is winter break !! (A break from school, but the work that awaits for me doesn't really make me feel like it's gonna be a break).

Hopefully, I'll see my brother back on the 25th, and my close family ! Yay~

I have so many things to do.. such as my to-be-late Xmas cards OTL and sketch commissions (ahhh I'm so sorry for the delay !! ;;) @__@ gotta practice more when everything gets better too >:

Hope you guys are well !! Please tell me more about what you're going to do on the winter break, I'm interested hehehe TvT

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Very late JE report... IMAGE HEAVY

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/12/04 Sat 12:03
  • Life
This is an emergency post, since my pc died... I don't have access to my scanner nor my files anymore. And I can't draw on a tablet because my mom's laptop that I'm using survived a fire, but its CD driver died (and it has got no SD card driver.. fskjfhskjfh <__> plus I can't read japanese caracters since well, you need to install them with the Windows CD...)

Though lately, I have found a way to post some pictures !
I'll take photos, transfer them on the other laptop (where I cannot have Internet... and that had Windows semi-installed fskfslkfjss hectic hectic situation), put it on an USB key and transfer it on there.

So I guess that you can understand easily how difficult it is being for me to posts things ; but I'll try to post as often as possible !

Now, let's... post some old pictures I uploaded on the blog but didn't have the occasion to post yet :

((WARNING : fskfjh sorry guys if on this post there are many many front views <__>))

2010-07-03 JE Annick Lavi FS

A free sketch I did for a friend, Annick, who passed by the stand -- by a total luck, I met her !! Someone was calling me Kiwi, and she heard it... then came on the stand.

On the next days, she insisted to order a commission ;__; (akjdhfg thank you so much Annick !!) :

2010-07-03 JE  Annick Howl com

I also met another friend, Goku and drew her a little fanart :

2010-07-03 JE Goku Astir gift

I had a very very good surprise, on a japanese stand ; there were a very awesome original doujin, called TriCkSTar. I-it was so pretty that I bought everything that was on the stand !! n-now I'll just have to read it again when i'll understand japanese /lame

Front :

2010-07-06 JE report 00 Ancou books

Back :

2010-07-06 JE report 01 Ancou books

Isn't it awesome ??? aaahhksjhfksjfh seriously

But I realized that people should go on the four days of the convention, if they don't want to miss things. I believe that if I went only for one day, I'd have missed just so many things ; for instance, someone on the stand told me that the artist would come on the third and fourth day - so I was very excited to draw her a fanart...

2010-07-04 JE Ancou TriCkSTar gift

Too bad that she didn't understand English well ; I wish I could have spoken with her more !! She was so sweet ; u ; (here are her cards and another book she was selling on her stand ; everything is hers except the girl with numbers, the two little postcards on the left bottom (with the boy/skull, girl/fox), the plushie, gloomy bear and little box hahaha) :

2010-07-06 JE report 05 Ancou cards

edit: I forgot to post the little drawings she made for me in her books ; she also absolutely signed EVERYTHING I bought from her. Even the postcards. EVERYTHING.

2010-07-06 JE report 04 Ancou sign

2010-07-06 JE report 03 Ancou sign

2010-07-06 JE report 02 Ancou sign

but man ahhhhh seriously GO VISIT HER WEBSITE.

nghhh GO GO GO !!!!!! > 0<)///

Look at how her art is displayed in my room now 8D

*cough* well. I sound like a creeper now hahahaakjhdkjhdfs

Now let's have some pictures of the other things I got at JE *q*...

2010-07-06 JE report 07 artbooks

1- The artbook of a pixiv artist, that were around the theme of "Sweets". One sweet corresponded to one girl (and outfit) ; the idea and watercolours were gorgeous, so I couldn't not buy it... > __ < (edit : her pixiv is available here. Thanks Jun for helping me !)
2- Rain's Midnight Inks artbook
3- A Geng's artbook ; I love her inks, style and her watercolours are pretty ;_;
4- My friends (Nita, Cell, Melow, Sumi)' doujin = v =)b on a medieval theme... (as guests there were Dara and Nozmo on there !)

2010-07-06 JE report 06 gifts

Gifts I got from another friend, Sano (1st and 3rd) and Nita (2nd)

And hurr... now at last :

2010-07-06 JE report 08 artbooks ss otomen

1- The Starry Sky fanbook 2nd season that I happened to get BY TOTAL CHANCE !! With Chino heehe =v=)9♥ we were walking by stands, and randomly she saw the artbooks shop and wanted to take a look at it. And there... we found a Hakuouki artbook (that she bought right away) ; just for joking (I wasn't even serious !) I asked the japanese seller if she had the Starry Sky artbooks. She ended up being like "Suta... Suta... Sutari Sukai ??? OH !! STARRY SKY !!" and picked up the artbook for us.

And this has to be destiny : there were only two copies left.
One for me and one for my friend LOL FYES

2- Aya Kanno's latest Otomen that were coming out at that time of the year... (July). She was even in France (and JE!) to sign her books. Sob I saw her through a black curtain... but nghh couldn't get to meet her. I love her works ;__;

aaaah. Good times good memories...
When we used to dream of winter because it was too hot... now I dream of having a heater everywhere BECAUSE IT'S SO COLD

nghh gotta get working now sobbb

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