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Oneshot challenge !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/02/16 Wed 02:19
  • Misc.
That little oneshot came from a silly challenge I made to myself at 12am : what if I started drawing a comic without any solid basis (scenario) in mind ? To let myself go on the flow, and see how far I could go.

The result had been of 5 pages... that I need to clean, ink and colour yet.

2011-02 thumbnails

Previewwwwwwwwwww |DD

Weirdly enough, I got the name (5 thumbnail pages) done before designing my characters..
UU-OO-oooh. I'm rambling again, half-asleep /)AT

Sob say hello to Ethan then
(quick sketchydrawing of what was supposed to be a speedpainting orz --> sorry for the rusty lines OTL)

2011-02-04 Ethan oneshot

and goodbye to me
or rather... goodnight !!

The week before the break

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/02/16 Wed 02:08
  • Paperplane
I felt very, very nervous. And stressed...
I had that feeling of helplessness, conjugued with some frustration.
Deadlines were piling up, and my bad time management made me miss them almost one by one (as always) ; the work wouldn't be achieved as I wish it was, and in overall I wouldn't be satisfied at all.

I also had for two entire weeks, a really messed up sleep schedule : I slept around 1h30/2h30/3h up to 4 hours everyday.

It resulted into some brain confusing and being a zombie around daytime...

Anyways, I'm sorry for posting those pictures so late here. Lately, I've been feeling pretty much dead (tired) inside.. mixed feelings leaded me to a depressing reflective evening, but at least I feel like I've learned something from that. So I do hope to feel better soon !

And ahem... here are some stress-relief doodles I did, to vent out ; I suddenly told myself - why not try to put ink drops on a paper, blow on it, and then draw something suggested by the stains it would create ?
And so I did. The stains make the drawing itself quite random, but it was fun to do.

2011-02-07 random drops 1

2011-02-08 random drops 2

That last one was realized the day I've been laughed at by my classmates, who found "adorable" my maiden otome heart and the fact I couldn't understand their sexual jokes until they explained it to me. OTL (NO NO YOU DIDN'T READ ANYTHING NO NO)

I've quite realized, that whenever I felt sad and lonely, I would draw some naked fragile-looking long-haired women (especially their back), and whenever I felt frustrated, I would draw bondage men... hahaha LOL how did all that frustration turn into sexual frustration ??!! Wonders... |DDD

And so, the next day.. I was feeling frustrated again, for some reasons (that I don't even remember). Which leaded to..


2011-02-10 frustration bondage ahaha

It is supposed to be a WIP, but I don't know if I'll continue it. He's supposed to wake up after a... tough night... ( ^ q ^ ) jk jk /GETS HIT

W-well I will have a story about a bondage dude, SO PREPARE YOURSELF TO THE WORST

Another point : I've been thankful a lot to tumblr lately, because it allowed me to interact and exchange more with people (through askbox), meet new and nice people, make friends, and also get to speak with artists I admired. It really cheered me up to get all those messages in my inbox !!

Uuuu-oooh. Look at me, rambling again. (y-yes it is 2am, I am pretty tired so please forgive me guys OTL sob)

S-so here have the last picture of this emo-entryfskjhfsf
It is a gift, dedicated to Cirouette, who is very awesome and kind (; ~ ;).
She requested the "bandages" theme, so I let my imagination go... UWOHOHOOHO

2011-02-13 bandages cirouette

I couldn't finish it too, but I liked the effect given by the camera lighting !
Even if it's blurry, it gives out a little something to the sketch :I

*rambling rambling again*
y-yeah maybe I should go to bed, after all /rolls

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