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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/20 Sun 13:22
  • Misc.
This file is named : bishounens.jpg. How could you resist clicking ?

(Yeah I had to put a huge warning just in case you expected something. LOL)


PS. I am not sorry
(and I love you bp and you too, guys)

/brb finding closet
I will become a quality shoujo manga artist later
... Indeed

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Comic Live in Paris

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/15 Tue 18:09
  • Misc.

A WIP picture (with some thumbnails - researches for composition / posing) of a guest art for some friends's sketchbook, that they will be selling at the convention. The theme is "The Maries". I suggest you to take a look !

I won't attend the event as an exposant (as I am circle-less), but I might be around some friend tables. I took the ticket for session A (very first session in the morning).

Please leave me a comment if you want us to meet or if you come !

Otherwise, the main purpose of this blog entry was to post the translation of the information concerning ComicLive in Paris, a tinier version of Comicket - which usually takes place in Japan.
The site hasn't been well updated, and the info in the English part is still in French...

Translation and more information are under the cut.

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Paperplane webcomic

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/14 Mon 13:20
  • Paperplane

My state at the moment (read : mentally not very operational)
This is an accurate depiction of myself, with my changing mood (from depression to being extremely happy), sigh. ok agreed I forgot to draw the boobs
Anyways... SOME NEWS !!


click to start reading

I am still in the state of building the characters and their stories, but I do have the big storylines in mind ; that's why i decided, for the time being, to draw little sidestories in the mean time - before starting the actual deal (and webcomic from the start).
Thus, I am considering the short sidestories (which take place after the actual story begins, but are still understandable imo) as comic practice, too. This is the first time I have inked a comic with nibs and toned it, but it's definitely worth the experience !!! (And giving a lot of self-satisfaction too : what is better for laughing than shoujo toning ??? ADDING SPARKLES EVERYWHERE).

Also, the reason why I am drawing this little sidestory now is in order to keep my sanity (with everything) and pour my stress somewhere that I find useful to myself, that be stories, or experience.

With that said, please enjoy the comic !! It's not finished yet.
I am juggling with my portfolio, this, trying to keep my head up no matter what -

but I can tell you that in matter of comics, there will be a lot more to come from now on, in both shoujo (Paperplane) and shounen (The Crimson Box) projects !!!! m(_ _)m



Lineless cg practice / speedpaints from last night - I like the bw version too so I posted it too. Older Atsushi at the library... herp

Replies to the comments on the previous entries are under the cut.

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Pass your mouse over

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/08 Tue 00:47
  • Paperplane

But click back to get to the original image in full size.

I have been horrendously sick those latest days - so sick that I thought it was something really heavy (nosebleeding all the time, high fever, etc) but it happened to be a.. simple cold in my case OTL. (rather scary)

Nonetheless, I have been in bed for days, and while I was having a fever I thought about a little sidestory for my project Paperplane ; it's called 37.5°C. And makes eight pages.

I'm posting some pictures here of me in a sudden rage because I am not sure everyone would understand the sidestory (nor be interested into seeing it, so..)
I need to force myself to absolutely finish this one, for inking with nibs practice but also for me.

Especially since I realized that I didn't have a single story entirely finished. (Comic/art-wise)

Gotta.. improve on that /falls asleep

Alright I wanted to write more but right now it's almost 1am and I have a train to take in seven hours LOL *SOB*

aksjhf I need to sleep

Rusty, rusty


Above is my character Ernest C., a thief. |D
Whew, I'm becoming really excited with that project !!

What is shading
and light
what are those

I haven't inked anything traditionally for months, so I tried to pick up again my nib pen... ugh. That was rather difficult at first, and I ended up doing a free woohohooo shading with a brush <8D (and the lighting is so wrong)... ah. And the picture doesn't make much sense either.. oh well.

But that was a nice practice, and the brush gave out some unexpected effects.

I really would love to make comics with inks (and not only the eternal pencilled ones), if possible traditionally with nibs. But I guess I will sometimes have to return to the ink pens - since it's much more faster and easier to handle.

8| an advice to myself : do not ever stop inking with nibs, otherwise it will become much more difficult to use..

okay back to portfolio works ;_; orz why do I have to get sick today whyyyy

PS. I will post more often on this blog. No more single entry a month >|
PPS. Er.. sleeping people will be for another time !

New resolution !!

Lately, I have been slapped around by super talented, amazing and skilled artists like nadzomi, miwa shirow, and some of my influences before, that I rediscovered..

I was also getting really frustrated over drawing over and over again the same thing, which is headshots/busts/side views/front views. I really hope that my art didn't get too boring;;

And so, I decided to get back to shounen, again. I remember that three years ago, when I was reading a lot of shounens and drawing my first shounen projects (as long as dynamic random poses), I improved a lot. And today, when I picked up my old layouts (three years old !) that I did, under the influence of the early volumes of Bleach, I saw how much I lost in dynamism ; I liked the rythm and how everything went fast and was more exciting.

I've also realized that my shounen projects were still in the state of the basic idea, but weren't too developed.. sadly.

So !

I decided to pick up again my (shounen) project, called "The Crimson Box".
Three reasons to draw it again :
- it has got.. art history in it, so I'm forced to study it more seriously /shot
- drawing badass fights !! Bombings ! No more catfights, but weapons, guns, knives, everything ! >8I
- The story is set in London and Paris. It's some kind of mix between the late victorian era, and modern era. (In fact, the story happens in a world that hasn't got the exact history than ours, but some references are the same). Fancyness to draw !

okay, I hope I will be able to achieve this one day. sob

From now on, I am going to spam you more with shounen-ish stuffs, and this for a while. I hope you're okay with it TvT... I think I've gotten to a point where it's necessary for me to take a new breathe and refresh my art with some perspective and ACTION >:U

So mm.. here have some.. drawings to get my fingers back onto that project :


My OC Keith Peterson ; I redesigned him a little, again. (Click to see the older version). He's albinos, 20 years old and quite cold usually, but when he's with his lover, Ann Ly Ky he becomes... like a child uhuhu (* q *)


PS. Forgive the messiness + sketchiness of those.. uh well, sketches. I tried to draw them very quick and so I didn't take the time to shade it properly ; q ; sorry//

aksjfh lately I also have a weird obsession about drawing asleep/sleeping people (I think it's very cute) so.. expect more sleeping people on the next entry <3

Thank you for visiting my blog ♥♥♥ m(_ _)m

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