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Canada trip report... finally.

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/06/17 Fri 00:34
  • Life
We're already the 16th of June, and I barely realize it ahaha... <__> time sure flies too fast.

I took a long time to write this blog entry I promised two weeks ago (?!!) because once I came back in Paris, I had to take care of matters such as art school inscriptions (which are good news because I got in the two schools I took the exam of !!), house cleaning, and well... sleeping. I think I haven't felt that tired for a long time ; my first time experiencing a (very harsh) jetlag Dx

As I haven't been drawing for almost a month (artblock + trip), I sort of fought against myself to get some drawings done before this post.

Now, I am working again on commissions, comics, and another project yet still in development. Whew !
Let's make enjoy this summer for all its worth !! è -é)9 for the remaining time...


Sketch commission wip ;), Oraix for Demonic-Essence. (Her character.)


Some sketches (chara design sheet) of Ethan, the main character in my comic ! I will scan more pictures on the next entry ;D

REPORT IS AFTER THE CUT (to prevent your browser and brains to go wild from the picture spam)

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Hi from Canada

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/06/04 Sat 04:52
  • Life
Hi guys !!!
Ahem, as always, sorry for the long silence. I just had noticed that I posted the information about my two weeks and a half-long vacation everywhere, but obviously I forgot the most important place : here.

So. No pictures for now, since I am writing this entry from my ipod (+ barely had internet)... But soon soon. When I'll get back to Paris, on June 9th !
I am currently in Toronto, but I have travelled around Sherbrooke in Quebec, but also went on a bus tour in the United States. Waaa... i already miss Washington DC, so many amazing things to see there *__*

So far, I am really enjoying my break, and meeting many friends from the internets relieved me a bit from my art block.

I am quite impatient to come back to Paris and finish my long awaited cg sketch commissions, before launching some more to get enough money for a new computer...
Actually, my laptop is dying from immediate heat because of its age. The computer is quite important for me to draw and make things, etc so... I really need to get a new one orz

ooook now have a good night.

Ps. Now i can say that i cry niagara falls.

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