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Cool down

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/08/18 Thu 12:32
  • Encounters

Just a small warm-up (Ethan from my Encounter series).
I didn't ink with nibs for a long time so I got quite rusty ! (ι´Д`)ノ

I'm looking forward new inking material (nibs, inks) that should arrive by next month ;
I hope that inking comics will be much more enjoyable using them...

Also, I got myself this :

Very much love for Aki Shimizu's works and dynamic scenes ! This comic was mind-blowing, I really liked the action and its universe ; I recommend it to anyone who likes chinese mythology ! (It's a shame that Tokyopop stopped its publication after the volume 4, though ; the french publication is very neat.)

Icecream... (´ q`)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/08/14 Sun 23:37
  • Fanart
My belated birthday gift for my dear friend Priscilla/tsulala/rem, whose birthday was on August 5th !! Her cute OC Marcus. <333


The draft, that I like better ;_; Well, I tend to like them better because the finished version usually "loses" something to the rough version.
I hadn't used my watercolours for... I believe, three months, so it was nice picking them up again ! (And basically, this was also my first drawing for a whole month. Baa...aahaha. orz)


I didn't draw for a long while, because of stress and lack of self-confidence issues.
Hopefully those issues are getting resolved !

When I am feeling like this, looking at Aki Shimizu (Suikoden III, Qwan), Rem, Yooani, Sumomo Yumeka/Sahara Mizu (Our Happy Hours, Nanairo Sekai), Kazue Kato (Ao no Exorcist) and a bunch of other artists and friends' pages really help me to keep my motivation up and keep looking at my goal and the kind of artist I would like to become.

That's why, I would like to thank all those inspirational people I've met online : those amazing inspirations, amazing friends, amazing artists or amazing people who share their tastes and keep on inspiring me.

Thank you so much everyone <333 !
I really need to achieve something that you and I could be proud of...
That would be my greatest wish. (so let's keep on FIGHTING (=è 3é)9 !!!)

-- On a side and dumb note, I made myself a Tegaki Messenger account but I cannot install it on my laptop due to some installation problems... blah.
I really need a new computer.

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