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Merry Christmas !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/12/28 Wed 11:22
  • Fanart

My favourite part on this picture :

SS - Haku and Chihiro for Reiyu-kun by *Kiwishu on deviantART

which was a secret santa picture requested by Reiyu-kun. (click through to see the full picture)

Anyways, just a small announcement to say that for this new year, I will make an update once or twice a week on this blog (wips, sketches, illustrations, experimentations, photos, etc.) since I got a new tablet and inherited my brother's laptop for christmas.

HOORAY ! 〜(≧∇≦〜) (〜≧∇≦)〜 〜(≧∇≦〜)

Please look forward to me being much more active again !

And happy holidays ~ ♥
Hope you're having a great moment with your family and friends !

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