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WEBSITE is now UP !!

>>> http://crownhead.net <<<

My website is up !! With the fanart section updated only for now.
I'm a little late on my blog posts schedule, but I might say I have a little excuse since I've been working non-stop on my website html/css over the weekend (and also how to set up a newsletter...). Since I'm kind of busy with school, I thought it was better if I update it bits by bits, instead of waiting forever to update it at once.

That way, (I hope) it will make it be more attractive...
... and that you'll be able to discover illustrations and drawings I had never shown publicly before :)

Please feel free to tell me what you think of it ! (Likes, dislikes...)

And since a good blog post isn't good without any picture :

Mame for yooani (her OC !)

I am currently taking pencil sketch commissions like those,
please click the picture for more information.
(or here)

Commission for goth-bird@dA (her character Yang)

Life log -

^Above are things I got for myself for Christmas. ^3^
Polina (by Bastien Vivès) was such a great and inspiring comic, that it really made me want to draw and improve more.

Also, my bento box is very practical... I am so happy with it. I still gotta read my yokai dictionary, but this will be also inspiring for sure !

Also, a few tweets I've thought good to share here :
♦ When looking back to my files and what to put on my website, I came to the realization that i barely have any fanarts...
♦ ... and mostly that I don't draw enough. FIGHT FIGHT HARDER !!
♦ Somedays, it also hits me that I am very lucky to be able to draw and that I love my life.
♦ Love art, love sharing the kingdoms of my mind. And also staying on the positive side : so much to discover and many challenges for myself !
♦ When you have a goal and really want to reach it, it makes life much more EXCITING~!!! Do your best and you will feel fulfillement.
♦ So... good luck everyone, whatever you do ! I sincerely wish you the best. To everyone, too.

And some music to get you motivated ! :9

See ya ! *runs to school*

[OC] Cianan Hyde - charactersheet, pictures+

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/01/08 Sun 21:43
  • Law of X
Some drawings I made a while ago / this week-end and that I promised myself I would absolutely finish... sigh i should never promise myself to do things because I END UP BEING LATE FOR OTHER THINGS *face in palms*

Anyways, it's been a long moment I wanted to finish drawing the character sheet of my OC Cianan Hyde (and which I first developed for Law-of-X one year ago) but who will appear in another serious project. Even though I probably won't have the time to rp much, I still want to continue to develop this character, draw his different expressions, reactions, and dynamic poses/fights ! And practice cellshading with him. 8D;;


Finished ver.

* * *

Some sketches from before :

* * *

If you want to follow his twitter, you can click on the icon below. (I locked it to avoid spams, but feel free to add him) :>

>> His final charactersheet (with all the information) is viewable here <<

Now, school........

Happy new year !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/01/01 Sun 21:51
  • Paperplane

Now a link to a small sidestory I made back in May 2011 and finally finished toning during the holidays. I wanted this done before 2012. :9

Click on the banner to read !

I might remove it later when I start the actual comic, so people wouldn't get confused. (Perhaps things won't happen like this later, even though the characters remain the same.)

Anyways, I wish you to stay healthy, inspired, and to be successful in anything you make.
As for me, this new year... I need to :
- manage my time better
- produce more things
- improve in drawing by working a lot more
- if possible, manage a webcomic. At least, make comics.
- be more independant, eat and sleep well, stay healthy.

Onwards to 2012 !!!

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