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Bonus update, because I don't only have old pictures to show... thankfully /w\


This guy above was basically from my 24 comic hour ;)... Poor boy. So beaten up.

How my comic Time Killers first page looks like before scanning... ! (here the picture was taken while it was unfinished, but you can see the process I guess)

My characters are gonna kill me one day.


  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/02/13 Mon 20:41
  • Fanart

Forgot to post this here... Just put up a new category for fanarts :)
I will try to whine less about life, and perhaps do manga/movie/anime reviews in a post, whenever I have time.
All I can say is that as the usual, I am behind my schoolwork and busy/tired ;
in other words, my life isn't very interesting right now.
One good thing is that I will post up a preview of a page of my comic I update every wednesday from now on !

>> Comic draft for nozmo <<< (click to see... /LIES DOWN)
I am so late at updating this blog that the pictures get old, Elijah please forgive me...

(no he doesn't seem to want to)


Here are some commissions I did a few weeks ago.

Lunette Cadore for melonkitty (her character)

* * *

Luke and Mae for SugaryInsanity ! ♥ (her OCs)

;_; I'm a little sad that I'll be slow to make everything... orz

Lone girl ; lone and silly like always

So I... sort of got busy with school again ! :'D
I couldn't update for the past two weeks because :

1. Two weeks ago, I participated to a comic event held nationally (the 24h comic, where you have to make a 24p long comic within 24 hours (scanning, editing and planning the story included) and um... this was a great experience.

I can't post it online because I would bring shame upon myself, but I definitely learned that I was too unorganized and could simplify a lot how I usually work (-wait. I already knew that /eyezooms on self/ but I didn't realize it until then).
But I also felt quite strongly how I was still very unexperienced and needed to work more, and also experiment much more.

"It's by making that you become maker !", said two teachers at my school.
(I was also shown the making of OÏO, which is just... plainly amazingly CRAZY. CRAZY AND INSPIRING. INSPIRING AND MAKING YOU WANT TO WORK HARDER. Seriously)

So... it's by studying from life that I will learn, and by practicing comics that I will get better.
There is no other way.

So this lead to #2 reason of why I was busy last week... :

This. After some time, I looked back at my 24h comic and at other people's, full of shame of not having realized I was given the possibility to try something else. To experiment.
And filled with a quite positive rage, I decided to take my comic back again, and to make it a weekly updated webcomic with the same background - that I wished different from my usual stories : "The Underground. A place where people are looking for entertainment, in all forms : games, women, violence, blood and music..."

All the stories would happen within that same background and setting, but every story would also be treated differently (with a different art style, format, technique, etc.).
A world just for my experimentation playground... quite an experimental laboratory ;9
Since it makes me plan everything on the post, I also have to be quick at doing things.
And start them.
Because starting a comic is one of the most difficult part of the process, I think.

Follow it here :

PS. I am still considering if I should keep writing my thoughts here as a personal life diary or not ;) But I hope that my own realizations would help someone secretly... and well, keeping my thoughts here is like a reminder too.

Haaah. So late on schoolwork, I really wish to update more... (; ↀ⌓ↀ)
One word, guys : or-ga-ni-za-tion !!!! (。≖ˇェˇ≖。)b
Organization is the key to everything !!! (if you have ideas, projects, and talent, if you aren't organized then this all will be wasted and won't lead you anywhere... skfuhs I know this too well OTL)

so now,
let's do our best now to stay healthy, achieve things and strive for success !


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