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Year of the dragon (yes, a little late.)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/31 Sat 19:22
  • Paperplane
Digged this picture from my HDD, I first made this postcard to be sent on CNY. :T
But then, after screwing up the coloring I completely forgot it and never could send the postcard... ( / w \);;

Whatever !
(I finished the drawing on photoshop, a little.)

... He's a secret character from my project Paperplane :9
He will not appear before long, but I still enjoy drawing him.

(ps. the dragon was not supposed to look like dragon ball z's at first.... pshhwww )

Still in Roma, enjoy the reserved date entries ! :D

Time travel

Past commissions I did in 2011.
Can I time travel ?!

Hermione, lend me your necklace.

I'm currently in Rome and have no internet, but next update is in a few days. :) (with unseen pictures anywhere !)


  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/27 Tue 09:21
  • Fanart

Old fanart of Gundam Wing I did one year ago (2011 - and found again in my folders) when I met Lou in Toronto.

Spotting mistakes is sign of improvement, I guess.
I don't know if I will ever finish it but I still do really like this show.
(Ah, childhood memories). I will always remember that Heero taught me to draw collarbones :9

I used to tend to draw those characters with too much hair like for Heero above, and Trowa (LOL)


I'm sure he could stab you with his hair.
That's a weapon all by itself.

Don't shy out !

I can now post this picture here. :)
Pencil sketch commission of Bunny for 0toto's sister, a birthday gift commission.

I forgot there were daylight savings today...

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Chill out, boys

Pencil sketch commission of Pumpken for 0toto. (her OC)

and Hoenir for stephafoo.

I like doing those commissions, they allow me to chill out a little.
Right now I am in the middle of crunching everything for finals and it's been days I fell sick from exhaustion and from the new hot weather. (What a smart thing to do, boy.)

If you have any way of de-stressing, please tell me !
Let's relax around some tea~

♪♫♪ Listening to : Shiina Ringo - Yami ni furu ame

Meet Moto Hagio #2

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/17 Sat 22:41
  • Life
Yes, writing "Meet Moto Hagio" #2 before the first one... because this one is actually shorter to write (●´Å`). I will link to the first report once I'll be done writing it. >__<

Today was the second time I've met Moto Hagio. I'm still sorry I couldn't talk with her directly ! ;_; This is not a complete report of everything she said today, since most of what she said was already mentioned in the conference (Meet Hagio Moto #1, still being written). But here we go :

I started sketching a fanart for her 30 min before catching the bus. Not a really good idea... Then I tried to rush the watercolour for it. *cries* Worst idea ever ! I ended up not having anything good to give her. orz

^ Mosaics above because it's... just too bad 8'|

Rest is under the cut.

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The great mistress

Pencil sketch commission Levia Dore for melonkitty. It was really fun drawing her characters ! (*´台`*)

Akotei for stephafoo. I also enjoyed drawing this one a lot <3

Download Paperplane's first sidestory "37.5°C" + bonus !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/13 Tue 06:56
  • Paperplane

2011/03/10 marked the beginning of the Paperplane sidestory "37.5°C".
Actually the secret behind this sidestory... is that I had the idea of it while I was sick, in bed, with a high fever. (This might make people wonder : are there many artists who write their stories or make mangas while being sick or in some form of high-ness ? Sometimes I wonder myself).
This story just took place quite randomly, and was not even one foot of my actual full story for Paperplane. It was more like an experiment that I enjoyed doing and which brought me some more experience as far as toning, inking with a nib...

But I’ve thought that it was time for me to remove it from the website. I’ve changed and matured a lot since then, and so my story did. Since this sidestory does not reflect anything of the actual reviewed Paperplane story I thought it would be pointless to keep it on the website.

I am currently thinking and rewriting Paperplane in another setting and tide bit different genre (more josei than shoujo). I've been writing the Paperplane story for two years now, so I feel more comfortable with this project than with Time Killers. I really hope I can start this summer ; it’s been one of my priority projects and one that I really want to achieve.

I hope you’ll still be interested in reading it ! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, anticipation and support ! ♥

AAAALL the bonus, download, everything is under the cut. Enjoy !

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Black fire tails

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/03/01 Thu 17:46
  • Life

Hi ! I am currently still on a semi-hiatus, but going better. I am trying to get back to a normal and organized life - since things will get much, much more intense and difficult for me on the two next months. (papers to write, memoirs, essays, finals, portfolio and CV to prepare, orals to pass, movies to realize... the list could go on forever).

So... news are that I can't keep up on any comics/webcomics right now, I'm afraid. (*´Д` ;)

I have to put Time Killers under an undetermined hiatus - which sucks, since it had just started - but from that very short experience I've learned things (that there are both good and bad sides to have a fresh project weekly written and drawn ; good (?) side is that you are under pressure and have to work in the instant, but bad sides are that you have no place for doubt nor enough time for planning, and you can't afford to have a busy student life on the side... >__<;)

But ! Rest assured, Time Killers won't be dead so soon though. Even if I can't physically draw it, I will keep on developing the universe - along with my other major project Paperplane - and as a sideproject, it helps me to experiment more... except that I can't let it stress me more than I am already ! I hope you will still look forward to it when it will be back and the comic (and my life) will be going less erratically. u__u

Thank you for understanding and still following me through those bad phases, always. I'm so sorry for being so sporadic on updates and all ! I must find my path and pace.

I feel like I'm on the right way.
Just need a little of your patience !

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