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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/05/26 Sat 14:35
  • Paperplane

FINALLY !!!!! A drawing i made one month ago. I didn't draw at all except this :(

First thing is that I am slighty better. Resting away from computer and reading books again (with some nice herbal drinks) is like... magical. It helped me to go through finals. In one week, I'll start my internship, but now life rythm slowed down.

... except for my projects !

Personal list of things to do now :

- Paperplane (comic, illustrations, script, universe)
- Draw much, much more. Train. Stop to inhibition ! D:<
- Go to the library.

- Work on volume movie
- Work on my own student movie (two projects) for next year
- Read books ! Be less on the computer.

- Draw more illustrations, practice CG and traditional colouring.
- Work on surprise project (if possible.)

Whew ! That's a lot.
Hopefully I'll also post more.

See ya !

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