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[repost] Greetings : step-by-step

As I missed drawing my other OCs, I tried to draw those from my project "Clockwork Circus" again... (I need to say that Arielucia and Tai-Chu quite inspired me =v=)b♥ )

The step by step was not supposed to be one, but as I scanned Wips over wips... wthen I figured that maybe posting them online to show you how I proceed would be nice.

So here we go :

Finished picture : (I did the end at the same time, that is why I didn't take the time to scan everything TvT )

From left to right :

Mr. Kyle, Mr. Kyerran, Mademoiselle Cerise © Kiwishu (me)

Okay let's see what are the other sketches I can post ! >8DDDDD

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