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Character sketch dump

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/06 Sat 15:19
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My characters from my project Paperplane, that I imagined back in May 2010.
My friend Twitch is waiting for this entry to appear for a long time 8DDD... so here I am hahaha

All the following drawings (concept art/scribbles) are from May/June - sorry for the uncleaned sketches, I'm too lazy to clean the scans (and busy too TmT) orz|| I'll clean them and reupload them another time maybe (*`▽´*)ノ

向原 篤 - SAKIHARA Atsushi

土山 星 - TSUYAMA Hoshi

LOL *cough* please do not mind the little annotations I write sometimes HAHA especially "fashionistaaa~"

also LOL*coughcough* I guess you can predict how the relation is going to be between those two hahaha

一喜 光 - KATSUKI Rei

(He'll come very much later in the story.)

This is how the character was born LOL : I felt like beating up someone (very angry at myself) and drew a random dude all beaten up... and haha here HE IS 8D

OKKK there're a lot of 3/4 left views because it is the easiest view for me to draw LOL (especially when I design characters...) but hehe I'll try to vary more later m(_ _)m *apologizes*

ahhh man writing this entry took me almost an entire hour WTF I NEED TO FLYYYYY DO MY HOMEWORK NOW

( ´,_ゝ`) /fails at life

ps. Comments are much appreciated !! (or clap if you don't have the time) s-so I know that there're people I know who go on my blog and don't feel all ronery posting stuffs for ninjas sob.... /rolls around

kk sorry for emoing in my corner *coughcoughignorewhatIjustsaidcoughcough* ( ´,_ゝ`) /fails99999xmore

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fiddy URL 2010-11-06 Sat 21:07:42

ahhhhhh your sketches are so nice and the guy getting beat up is so * V*.
also hey~, just started following this blog the other day!

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