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How I do chara design (aka procrastinate)

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/07 Sun 12:12
  • Rakugaki
Hahaha everything is in the title. (lol I hope it doesn't sound too conceited OTL;;)

So... this is how I do character design :

1) Have a precise idea of the thing
2) Do something completely random, out of the blue, of things coming in my mind

Personally, I often use the #2 option.
I guess it's the most productive one... When I'm bored, I just grab a paper and a pencil.
And scribble random things that come to my mind, then random characters will come out of it...

Hehe sometimes I find interesting stuffs *v* I keep them in a folder and when I don't know what to do as a design, I just go look and find some random chara, give him a name and a story haha

okay cough that was an excuse to post random charadesigns I did *cough cough*

2009-09-26 rakugaki philosophical boy

2009/07 design - okay I remember that I drew that in front of a SJM vid (!) while doing a philosophy essay... I suck as a student LOL I guess that also explains why there is a drawing of Donghae LOLOL/runs away

And more recently now !

2010-11-04 rbot girl

2010 Nov. 4th - I did that random android design (that I'll maybe use for my project R-bot) during a course... hahaha /againfailstudent

2010-11-07 rakugaki girl

TODAY - quick cg sketch I did (20 min ? ok maybe not so quick LOL) instead of working on my assignement... Stress-relief doodle thing.

haha man I fail so much at being a student LOL.
okay *coughcough* please do not mind the anatomy failures;;; haha orz

PS. guys thank you so much for the comments and clap haha;; /RUNS

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52wk URL 2010-11-07 Sun 16:18:44

I love this android design! Especially the detached hands?
Thanks for sharing your character design tips, sob I need to do more intuitive designs like that.

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