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A bit of improvement ?!

A few weeks ago, I decided to rearrange my old drawing folders, organize them by year, project, etc.
And this is what I noticed : 2008 (age 13-14) had been my most productive year - with three big projects in mind that year, I drew 6-7 times more than what I usually produce a year...

I have been amazed myself to find this again ; how could I have drawn so much in such a little timelength ? o__o;

It's also the year my art style, anatomy improved the much, so... I'd give as an advice to everyone - including myself!- to never stop drawing, and draw lots lots lots lots if you want to improve fast.

nghh now gotta keep that advice in mind and draw a bunch of stuffs fslfkjs

-- Please click for full view !!!

2010-11 my room drawings

Yesterday, I decided to pick again some old OCs who were still waiting in some old folders... from 2008.
As they came from one of my shounen projects, I felt the urge to draw them again... *v*
It's very motivating to find its own old drawings and forgotten OCs hehehe~
Kicking my own asssssss !!!!! >8U


2008-Satsuki blue small 2008-Satsuki small

2010 version !

2010-11-12-Satsuki small

Hahaha she's quite a scary character, very much the bold and thick-headed type... quite violent too !! (╬ಠิ益ಠิ) sorry for the lazy shading (for her hair T 3T)


2008-Skye small

2010 version

2010-11-12-Skye small
*got slapped by Satsuki ! ( '∀')9*

Skye gets often -if not all the time- beaten by Satsuki... because he smokes (and she can't bear it !). He's also fighting a lot... and has... a lot of hidden habilities 8D

GYAAAHHH akdjhgdgdgfs I LOVE THOSE TWO, I missed drawing them !! (´;д;`)
ok gotta go back doing homework OTL...

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52wk URL 2010-11-14 Sun 20:01:33

@ A@ 2008 folder is so huge!!
aughhh my computer crashed sometime in early 2008 and I had to get a new one and I didn't get to recover those (crap) files which actually upsets me a bit, lol. I need to draw more though!

I feel like I've been way more productive in drawing this year, especially in the 2nd half because of joining groups on DA/being inspired to draw for a fandom!

Coffee URL 2010-11-22 Mon 21:04:25

So you know meh? lol
OMG, this is so much! In comparison to the other years, this is liek WOW
But yes, you improved a looooot.
I wish'd I drew that much, I may be way better now OTL.
After seeing this big big folder, I feel so motivated. I can't wait to pic up my pen and just drawww,
without thinking about anatomy and stuff. I miss that feeling lol
Oh, i'm getting off the topic. Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivation!
I lubb lub lubb your works.

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