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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/22 Mon 01:58
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orz I didn't want not to post anything for this week (because I am currently busy LIKE CRAZY with school and... depression it's over now)

So I digged again in my computer files and found those old sketches (from June 2010) of my charas Atsushi and Hoshi. ヾ(*´∇`)

... the only problem is that now I'm ashamed since I see the epic anatomy failures fsfsflksjfs like the... *COUGHHHHtoo short armsCOUGHCOUGH* okay you didn't see anything

As usual, please click for full view ! *v*)b

2010-06-01 Atsushi glance small

2010-06-26 Small Atsushi small
Little Atsushi ! ☆

Now have some... expression meme.... failures

2010-06-29 Hoshi expressions I small

2010-06-29 Hoshi expressions II small

It is 2am what am I doing here
oh that's right, homework...

holy shit I won't wake up in a few hours


52wk, I'll reply to your comments on the next entry, okay ;__;

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52wk URL 2010-11-22 Mon 03:45:18

OMG LOL i feel so embarrassed, you can take your time in replying Q vQ

Duckie URL 2010-12-15 Wed 16:29:31

Aww I love your sketches and your character's charm! They're so fascinating! <3

And your expressions are so EXTREME! And lovely!

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