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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/12/19 Sun 22:24
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20101219 omg aaaaaaaa midsmall

I don't know where I am anymore... I don't seem to be able to draw in the same anime style as before, and at the same time, my style isn't really cartoonish. I don't really have a style.

I guess I am in a big changement period.

Though I can't realize if that's good or bad ; it may be good in a way, since I have to take some risks and figure out / find myself, but I am always afraid of regretting something... Always afraid of changes.
I've noticed that it was for everything ; every time there would be something new, I'd be like scared or not liking it, until the day I realize that the new version / rule is better than the one before. But naturally, I come to doubt and grip myself onto something I know /__\

This is making me think of something I saw on the TV : it said that most of the French people were afraid of changements. Hahah;; is this even accurate fslkj

I wonder what you think about it guys ? I'm sorry, the only thing I have to show you is quite poor - bad quality photo, quick drawings I just made - and I don't know if you could say anything from that. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself... I've often been told that.

Maybe those are worries over nothing, again... I'm sorry to take your time OTL
can I still request a hug ;A;

(ps. I can't take a better picture since I have erased the animu Rhet face and replaced it by a "TIME TO MOVE ON"... ... ...)
PPS. Thanks guys for the comments and support on the previous entry m(_ _)m

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Yami URL 2010-12-19 Sun 22:59:42

Perso j'adore tous tes styles: le premier me fait trop triper, j'adore le naturel que tu as à dessiner de cette façon, comme avec ceux que tu as réalisés pour tes cours ! Le semi-anime est très sympa aussi, et le style anime je trouve que tu le maîtrise encore super bien au contraire, je ne vois pas ce qui te fait douter; certes, tu évolues, mais c'est normal, c'est même un bien. Je trouve que tu as de la chance de pouvoir passer ainsi d'un style à un autre, tout le monde n'y arrive pas ^^

Coffee URL 2010-12-20 Mon 15:13:03

(This is hard for me to answer, because I suck at writing and stuff. I'll try it though.)

I know how you feel. I was so confused, because I had to develop a realistic style for art university/school. I have to separate my anime style and sometimes I draw cartoonish too. So I ended up having too many styles and was stuck in many art blocks. I thought that I had no style and was depressed and all this emoshit ( => big big art block lol).
I got over it. I realised that it is not a bad thing to have many styles, because in every style there is a tiny bit of yourself. (this is hard to explani lol but I#m trying to explain it)
Like when you draw cartoonish or in anime style,
I will always recognize that you drew that picture, because there is and will be your own personal touch. (or habits? I don't know any words for it..)
In your situation and in my opinion, we shouldn't divide styles in for exapmle, cartoon style or anime style. You may have many styles, which can be separated in many "genres" and is also influenced by a lot of other things, but you still have your style.( the personal touch thingy I mentioned above).
( in other words, your style is in your other styles too? lol)
Oh and, not many people are able to have many styles, so...it's really not a bad thing 8 D (it'll get complicated sometimes lol).

Also, I think it's not bad to change. I'm afraid of it too, but change is nothing bad, as long as you still like what you produce and your style.

Did I get off topic? (I'm kind of tired lol just slept for 3 hours)
I'm sorry if I was no help orz

Oh and I'm sakilovespandas@dA ( i just wanted to fangirl secretly lol)

Coffee URL 2010-12-20 Mon 15:14:38

I reread it and I forgot many words OTL
I hope that you still can understand it XD
I'm sorry, I go to bed now.

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