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It's been a while I haven't posted there ; my biggest apologies.
I haven't forgotten about that blog, it's just that I've been overly busy and dying under work... (I'm still at it D:)

Sighh mood hasn't been that good, ever since the new year began.
Time is running away, and in overall it makes things become very, very frustrating.

Anyways~ There is at least something I am glad with : I managed to build up a whole story within two days !! ;_; Talking with friends about your scenarios always make me brainstorm. So never neglect sharing your stories with your friends, it can be helpful to get new ideas ! (While you're trying to explain things, some puzzle pieces might come and complete it.. or even when your friends don't understand certain points of the story, you could realize what are the points you need to change, and so on).

So... yes. I have a new story in mind, called Lotus Eater.
It would be a oneshot, going with all the other oneshot stories I have in mind. Hrrrmmm...

Actually, I can't tell you more (but I can show the main character at least hehehe.)

Rusty rusty cg practice (lotus flower in the morning) :

It's kind of awful but oh well... ;_;

And now, my new character, Masataka (full name is KUNIHIRA Masataka. I have an obsession over japanese names, because of its sounding, but also because of the hidden meaning behind the caracters...)

First, the sketch :

And now... bust cg practice (sorry for not drawing a full body;;; )

Please click for full view

Ahh guys, I hope you're doing well - unlike me fksjhfs;;;;;
How did the year start for you ?

Thank you for reading, and please take care :> <3

Very late replies to the comments on the previous entry are under the cut.

You just need to hover the line after your name ;)

you are so damn talented admit it already sob I AM NOT DETERMINED ENOUGHH and what talents kfjhsfs

anyways thank you so much ahhh /// for your sweet comment. SOB ILU TOO.

* Coffee >Awww thank you Coffee ;__; no your art isn't shitty at all !! è___é

For sketching like this, I use the brush. Size is 8, settings are :
Density 100%
Blending 29%
Dilution 20%
Persistence 17%
Keep opacity.

The only thing I could give as advice is to play with the settings until you get something satisfying ; for mine, I totally got them by chance, after many trials...
It also depends of the settings of your tablet, I guess. I don't have a wacom tablets, so I don't know how it works...

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