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[NSFW] Please, do not cry.

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/09/05 Sun 18:48
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Moved the entry under the cut to save everyone's eyes from eyebleeding !

There's a french-kissing.... picture of my characters *coughcough*
If you're okay with that, please click on "read more" !

" I'm finally here, so please... Do not cry anymore."

TSUYAMA Hoshi and SAKIHARA Atsushi... in a *cough* enjoyable situation 8D

[My two characters TSUYAMA Hoshi & SAKIHARA Atsushi, from my project Paperplane.]

I finally finished that *cough* french-kissing and cellshading drawing practice ;
this is quite a spoiler in my comic, but well... (´◉◞౪◟◉)

Since it won't happen before a long, long time, why not have this right now ? is what I thought /dies.

I'm quite satisfied of that first result in Photoshop ; I remember that the first time I used it to do cellshading, it ended up being... quite horrible haha. Conjugued to the untidiness of my lines back then, it resulted to be a drawing monster.
But now, I enjoy how you can turn the colors to be nice in Photoshop thanks to the color balance hehehe.

O-ok so... sob. My pervy side is growing up so I'm going to run away to the edge of the world crying Niagara falls before someone stop me.

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* Nio nio > Man I'm so glad you wrote me a comment. It helps me a lot and motivated me also to finish that picture ♥ ... sob I'm so glad when I get comments from you akjdfg.

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nio nio URL 2010-09-05 Sun 19:02:59

*A* <3333 Uwaaaah it's so romantic! And the way you colored it <33333 I feel like I'm accidentally eavesdropping on a tender, private moment *3* <3333 Heheh them moles >u< <3333 /must draw Atsushi sometime/

/Places a trap at the end of the world 8U <3 It's not perversion, it's romance~ *U*

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