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Rusty, rusty


Above is my character Ernest C., a thief. |D
Whew, I'm becoming really excited with that project !!

What is shading
and light
what are those

I haven't inked anything traditionally for months, so I tried to pick up again my nib pen... ugh. That was rather difficult at first, and I ended up doing a free woohohooo shading with a brush <8D (and the lighting is so wrong)... ah. And the picture doesn't make much sense either.. oh well.

But that was a nice practice, and the brush gave out some unexpected effects.

I really would love to make comics with inks (and not only the eternal pencilled ones), if possible traditionally with nibs. But I guess I will sometimes have to return to the ink pens - since it's much more faster and easier to handle.

8| an advice to myself : do not ever stop inking with nibs, otherwise it will become much more difficult to use..

okay back to portfolio works ;_; orz why do I have to get sick today whyyyy

PS. I will post more often on this blog. No more single entry a month >|
PPS. Er.. sleeping people will be for another time !

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Neuro URL 2011-03-03 Thu 15:49:32

huuurrr nice

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