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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/08 Tue 00:47
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But click back to get to the original image in full size.

I have been horrendously sick those latest days - so sick that I thought it was something really heavy (nosebleeding all the time, high fever, etc) but it happened to be a.. simple cold in my case OTL. (rather scary)

Nonetheless, I have been in bed for days, and while I was having a fever I thought about a little sidestory for my project Paperplane ; it's called 37.5°C. And makes eight pages.

I'm posting some pictures here of me in a sudden rage because I am not sure everyone would understand the sidestory (nor be interested into seeing it, so..)
I need to force myself to absolutely finish this one, for inking with nibs practice but also for me.

Especially since I realized that I didn't have a single story entirely finished. (Comic/art-wise)

Gotta.. improve on that /falls asleep

Alright I wanted to write more but right now it's almost 1am and I have a train to take in seven hours LOL *SOB*

aksjhf I need to sleep

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Neuro URL 2011-03-08 Tue 17:33:24

askjgfdagkfakjfdgdakgfd you have Light Box!!!

Coffee URL 2011-03-09 Wed 10:54:01

Get well soon! : )
Ohhh, you are so good with G-pens, i can't handle them at all D8

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