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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/03/14 Mon 13:20
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My state at the moment (read : mentally not very operational)
This is an accurate depiction of myself, with my changing mood (from depression to being extremely happy), sigh. ok agreed I forgot to draw the boobs
Anyways... SOME NEWS !!


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I am still in the state of building the characters and their stories, but I do have the big storylines in mind ; that's why i decided, for the time being, to draw little sidestories in the mean time - before starting the actual deal (and webcomic from the start).
Thus, I am considering the short sidestories (which take place after the actual story begins, but are still understandable imo) as comic practice, too. This is the first time I have inked a comic with nibs and toned it, but it's definitely worth the experience !!! (And giving a lot of self-satisfaction too : what is better for laughing than shoujo toning ??? ADDING SPARKLES EVERYWHERE).

Also, the reason why I am drawing this little sidestory now is in order to keep my sanity (with everything) and pour my stress somewhere that I find useful to myself, that be stories, or experience.

With that said, please enjoy the comic !! It's not finished yet.
I am juggling with my portfolio, this, trying to keep my head up no matter what -

but I can tell you that in matter of comics, there will be a lot more to come from now on, in both shoujo (Paperplane) and shounen (The Crimson Box) projects !!!! m(_ _)m



Lineless cg practice / speedpaints from last night - I like the bw version too so I posted it too. Older Atsushi at the library... herp

Replies to the comments on the previous entries are under the cut.

You just need to hover the line after your name ;)

* Neuro > Thank you !! Yes, I own a light table - I bought it at the beginning of the year, and it's really, really practical (especially when you ink with nibs. I would even say that it's not negligeable.)

* Coffee >Thank you, too !! I bought ZEBRA G-pens and it really is worth the money. Before, I tried other nibs and it was scratching the paper so much that I came to hate inking with nibs ; actually ink pens are so much faster and practical but I'm trying my best to improve nib inking !!

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