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Comic Live in Paris

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  • 2011/03/15 Tue 18:09
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A WIP picture (with some thumbnails - researches for composition / posing) of a guest art for some friends's sketchbook, that they will be selling at the convention. The theme is "The Maries". I suggest you to take a look !

I won't attend the event as an exposant (as I am circle-less), but I might be around some friend tables. I took the ticket for session A (very first session in the morning).

Please leave me a comment if you want us to meet or if you come !

Otherwise, the main purpose of this blog entry was to post the translation of the information concerning ComicLive in Paris, a tinier version of Comicket - which usually takes place in Japan.
The site hasn't been well updated, and the info in the English part is still in French...

Translation and more information are under the cut.

Translation from French of http://comiclive.jp/en/ticket.html

Programmation. About the tickets sale

Type of event : Doujinshi Sale
Day : 2011, March 26th (Sat)
Hour : 9:30a.m → 7:30p.m.
Adress : 5, rue de la Croix-Nivert 75015 PARIS
Price for the entrance ticket : 5€ per person
(Children below the age of 9 can enter the convention for free.) (Depending of the conversion rates, the price can vary.)
You can get this ticket via Paypal.
The product will be sent via e-mail. There will be no mailing so please check your e-mail box regularly.

COMIC LIVE in PARIS will be set according to the following schedules :
[Time sessions]
A 9:30 am - 11:30 am
B 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
C 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
D 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
E 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm



- In the case the hall is full, visitors will access the convention only at their indicated hour. (Once the flood has decreased, organizers will allow the visitors access at other schedules than the ones indicated on the programme)

- Tickets distribution will be done in the limit of disponibility and by order - first come, first served.

- If the tickets for your preferred time session are out of stock, you will have to take another time slot. No exception will be accepted.

- The entrance ticket can be used only once, for one person, only at the indicated hours / schedule.

- No changes nor cancelling after purchase can be done.

- When you attend the event places, please verify the hall opening hours.

- The ticket will be exchanged with a guide which will allow you to access the event. The ticket alone can't, in any case, permit access to the event. Please take notice.

- People arriving after the indicated hour won't be allowed inside.

- Please keep your ticket the time to exchange it with a guide.

- Once out of the hall, the access will be allowed only at the hour indicated on your ticket. Please carry a guide with you.

- (Once the visitors flood has decreased, organizers can allow the access to visitors at other time sessions than the ones indicated on their programme.)
In case of unforeseen annulation, please keep this ticket. It will, in no case, be refunded.

- In case of the event annulation or postponing / delay, all costs linked to the transport / hotel can't be refunded.
Without a special authorization, the utilisation of recording machines (video, audio), alcohol and/or dangerous products are strictly prohibited.

- Eventhough the tickets are sold on the event site, in case of full room, we will not be able to provide any.

I didn't translate the purchase policy, but here is my personal advice : buy your ticket via paypal, if you can !!

Choose your time session (compare with the list I've written above if you don't know the conversion of am/pm with the french hour system).

Then please proceed.

That's all ! I hope it was helpful. Sorry for my Engrish in the translation.

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