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Comic Live in Paris - report (photospam !)

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  • 2011/04/01 Fri 22:53
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Hey guys !
Lately (especially the month of March itself), everything has been soooo crazy and busy that I didn't really have the time to update properly this blog. I need to make proper drawings to show you now ! ;D

I had a crunch time to make two portfolios and send them to two different schools.
Today I received the answer for one of them : my application can't be received, because I don't meet their criteria. But it's alright, I knew from the start that I had little chances for that one, so no big disappointment ! Let's cross fingers for the other one...

Well anyways, here have some photos of my loot I got during the first convention "Comic
Live in Paris" (a very very small version of Comicket in Japan, imported to Paris - the first convention dedicated only to circles) ; I don't have actual photos of the con, because they were all so blurry and ugly, sorry ;__;

If you'd like to see some pictures taken by a friend at the con, you can do it here. (blog and report is in French though. Courtesy of Plumy.)
She had a stand there, and say that it was a very satisfying con.

Myself, I'd say that for a first try, it was good, even if it was really small... I hope that in the future, it will become bigger ! ;) We in France don't have as many circles as in Japan, but I hope that later more people will join.

I could meet friends I occasionally meet such as Goku, Marta, Saspiee, ... (+ a bunch of other friends !) so it was indeed really fun.

Now, photos-photos time !!!!!~~ As usual, click to enlarge.


1- Got Sakizou's "Romantic Jewels" artbook, which is full of fancy fantastically fabulous gentlemen, wearing jewels and laces. As usual, her designs and use of watercolours/inks are mind-blowing.

2- "The Maries - La vie d'une Mary" - a really fancy book made by my friends nita, sano, melow. I'd highly recommend it.
Eventhough they did all the books the night just before, every single book is unique and the cover is different. The inside of the book contains a compilation (it's even more than that actually) of victorian/fancy ladies (the maries) and their illustration... and when I say that every book is unique, it really is personal : there is a little blank frame on the cover where either nita/melow or sano write your initial. SEE MINE IS "RRRRR" SO AWESOME. And I got it packed in a white paper with a yellow ribbon ! sob so mary /end of happy advertising/

no no seriously if you can order it online, do it >8U (you can visit http://the-maries.blogspot.com and ask them... or me and I'll ask them for you. 8) )

3- The Maries - set of postcards... I couldn't resist, just look at that Darcy ndhhkfjh /nosebleeds


Close-up on the book, and two keychains I bought on the stand next to theirs. There was one orange macaroon and a swiss roll with a kiwi on it.. ;__; (I COULDN'T RESIST TO THE KIWI ksfhjs SOB)


"R" for Reikan uohoho >B)


Two adorable handmade bird brooches made by sano. There were many other models, but I couldn't resist those ones at all.. (and anyways they got sold immediately ! sobsob.)


Inside the book because it is really pretty inside >8U


1- a transparent print of a papercut art (made by the circle Tsubameyado). It was just so awesome that I had to buy it nghhkfjg. On the stand, they exposed original pieces... and every illustration/fanart was in fact, black paper cut. Would you believe it ?!!

2- a print of Goku's character, Jidai - love the lively colours !

3- Sano's new sketchbook, called Ceylan. I wonder what will come next, after Earl Grey and now Ceylan ? ^3^

4- a small illust book made by a collective. Like a collection of illustrations ;) nghdkjfhg I couldn't resist the shotas in there... They were too cute... ^q ^ (yes it's Ciel on the cover - illust by Dite)

5- ancou's original doujin Trickstar, vol.8 - even though it's in Japanese, and I can't understand it yet, I had to buy it because it's too pretty aahkjdfhg ;_;

Close-ups :


Illustration made by こよ



1- Goku's new sketchbook - ... Ican I only say that it's really awesome and that kjdfhgdfg. okay

2- A bunch of cute postcards made by Tomeko - packed in a envelope with a heart hole in it, so cute ;3;


1- Didn't get that one at the con, but it's Uwe Heidschoetter's "Autumn in Berlin" sketchbook. She sold it as a relief action for Japan... take the time to visit her blog, she's an amazing artist and animator.

2- Jun's "Dear my Deer" comic, it's really cute ;3; I hope to see more comics from you in the future !!! >B)

3- (welp took another photo with ancou's book because... its color matched well the other books /LAME)

Oh, last photo of that spam dump !


The three latest mangas I've bought. Seven Days by Takarai Rihito (one of my favourite mangakas/artists, and I've got many of them but woah her works *Q*), DOGS vol.5 by Miwa Shirow, Otomen vol.11 by Aya Kanno.

I'm looking for new series to read, do you have any you'd recommend me ?

Okay, thank you for reading !! ♥
Expect more pictures soon.

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