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[Koukanmuri] Rolling girl

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/09/15 Wed 20:42
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Orz man I feel like I haven't updated this blog for ages T^T;...

I am everyday checking it, thinking about updating, but there
was nothing interesting to show... D:

In fact school has been just sooo busy (and a bit stressful !) that
I didn't take properly the time to draw anything not school-related.

Except this fanart of Rolling girl (Miku), which is getting very famous
lately. (Haha oh man I passed much more time to edit this pic on
my comp rather than drawing it orz.)

Omg, otherwise every course is only once a week but they ask to do so many
time-eating things... *huff puff* MOTIVATION !!!!

... btw I'm having fun with the table tags LOL

Nio nio > Oh man, thank you so much for your feedback on my entries, it really makes me sooo glad. I'm also happy to hear that it's SFW and that it.... looks romantic hurrrhurrrr.

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nio nio URL 2010-09-21 Tue 02:13:16

Haha no worries. I think everyone is starting to feel the heaviness of school now @A@ I've already had 2 tests!

Keep at it!!! (and I wouldnt mind seeing some of your school work stuff every now and then *3* <333)

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