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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/04/05 Tue 19:25
  • Rakugaki
Huff huff
last update of the day. (oh god that will never happen again. No more multiple entries a day no moreskfjhs)

Another stress-relief sketch I did out of... frustration...(≖‿≖)

I decided to pick it up and color it because I have been lately in a after-deadline-artblock ; so many ideas, but yet I feel like I can't pull anything out on paper... ): sighh. SO FRUSTRATING


2011 February, 10th


2011 April, 05th (after two months ! yay)

Guess why he is called "M" ? The one who does wins 9999999999999+ points |DDD

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cirou URL 2011-04-06 Wed 02:47:57

Hi, M. I'm S. Nice to meet you.
Ahhhh. I think I'm in love with M now.

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