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In the latest 5-min flash life report

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/04/16 Sat 22:23
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Bad news :

▸ My computer died on me a few days ago, for good. After a greenscreen then infinite blackscreen. Files will be back (I hope) in December...
I lost almost all my school work for my upcoming portfolio.

▸ Photoshop lags a lot on my laptop, and the colors aren't fixed. So... cg-ing became difficult. I have to download all the fonts, brushes and patterns again

▸ I can't letter with photoshop... when I write one sentence on a text layer, as soon as I push "enter" it edits the layer and that's it. I can only make one sentence per layer. wow.
Do you guys have the solution for this ?

▸ I have been working on my website before home computer died, but now I don't have any picture to put in the gallery. (≖益≖)

▸ Been in a HUGE ARTBLOCK where I can't be satisfied of anything. I can't draw a face.

▸ This morning my iPod had two seizures, equivalent to a home computer bluescreen can I throw my dead computer off the window Shizuo-style and stamp on my ipod Izaya-style ( 휴益휴)sobbb

/end of whining

Good news :

▸ Discovered a very good mangaka, Ogawa Yayoi - with her really awesome josei "Kimi wa Pet". It changed me from shoujos, and I look up to her now.
Also read "On the other side of the mirror" by Jo Chen (another josei) ; it's really good and the oneshot at the end of the second volume is very inspiring. ♥

▸ Received rem's package and the basara fanbook I ordered so long ago <3 I really felt touched by rem's package for my birthday (not now, but on the 25th) iyaaa //// I will post pictures of the gifts I've got after my birthday passes ! Lot of awesomeness in one entry (//∇//)

▸ Rushed over two days Vodkapotato's birthday (on the 13th) gift until 3am BUT I GOT IN TIMEEEEE yays!



Her character Leigh, from two years ago. Good times...

For this picture, I used watercolors, inks, white ink, golden watercolours, arches paper, and some special paper (for the "Happy birthday Anita" band :9)


Look. The golden watercolour shines

More pictures under the cut !! I tried to upload a .gif of the process, but imageshack froze it to the first step ~__~; so it will be on a slideshow instead !

>>> click to see the full progress HERE <<<




My workspace... so cluttered ahaha. Fixing the paper with some rubber band really does help a lot !


The paper had been lightly pasted onto the drawing, so you can still see below it.


Look it was 3:13am when I took that picture LOL. It shines still --- /SHOT yes I love this golden watercolour a lot

ok now going to doodle at 11:30pm, I still haven't touched a pencil of the day...

PS. If you're a fast browser and haven't seen the progress pictures, the link was just below the cut, scroll up ! ;)

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Jun URL 2011-04-17 Sun 20:24:29

It looks totally gorgeous *w*! I'm in love with how you painted it as well as with the golden parts!
Which brand of watercolor do you use?

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