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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/04/21 Thu 01:09
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2011 january paris

I found this photo of Paris I took back in January, from the art center Georges Pompidou (once you get on the elevator, there is such a view of Paris...)
I like the colors, too bad that my camera isn't good enough to catch it well ; it looks like a ghost city here oh sob

mmm news now !
I got 100% of my files back WHEWWW. NO WAITING UNTIL DECEMBER.
I now have two external harddisks (which were inside of my old computer before) so uhuh it's all good.

But I won't have arts up for a little while since I am caught with deadlines for portfolios and exams/finals so brb !!!

Maybe I'll drop a stress-relief doodle from time to time... :9

Wish me good luck !!! MUST WORK MY BEST > 0 <)999!!!!!!

edit: I feel bad not posting any drawing here, so here have a quick doodle fanart I did for nozmo

A character from her comic Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet, that you MUST read if you haven't already !! She posted today a new revamped version of chapter one on MangaMagazine.net, let's salute her debut !

Answer to a question I have been asked on the previous entry : "which brand of watercolor do you use ?"

> I use Windsor & Newton (tubes & dry cubes), Colorex (watercolor inks) mostly because of their rich colour, and for the glitter *cough* gold I use ecoline.

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