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  • 2011/05/09 Mon 00:34
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Long time no see !

Tonight, I just realized that it had been almost a month (okay more something like 2 weeks but still asdfg) that I haven't updated anything on internet... ;__; sorwy a lot happened, I had portfolios to make, orals to pass, (and I am still in it but it's going to finish soon !) and um... I had periods in which I was suddenly so hyped up to make comic books but the next day, feeling so down because I couldn't make anything. >:'U

Well, the good news is that I finally finished inking my paperplane sidestory that I had let aside for two months, but the less good news is that now that the temperature is rising up, I can't work in my room and my laptop overheats easily (aka blackscreen once in a while, it's really annoying ~__~;;) ... I still have issues with Photoshop and typesetting so it will be hard in the future orz.


Accompanied with a good rose and lychee tea, at your service !!

After discovering wai and her awesome handmade books / screenprints and all, I really got motivated into making my own handmade stuff. And comic books.

So today, at the market I hunted things like those :


I am so happy I found them because the colors are quite striking. Now I need to find something to make with it ^3^ but I'm gonna make a stock of fabrics and things like that !! Gotta learn how to use my hands more.(and more ways to express creativity *coughcough*) ; I've always admired people who could make their own books, or sell very awesome looking special boxes and goodies along with their comic books...

Also, I have been very unsatisfied with my drawings lately - which is why I don't have many pictures to show ): - but I'm really motivated to learn more about anatomy, perspective, use of colors and comicking. A little drawing I made of fashionista Atsushi here. I think I should browse more fashion sites, it is really inspiring 8D


*cough* Some people were curious to see my shelves, so umm.. have an (indeed) blurry picture of my manga shelves... i own about 80% of shounens, and there are more mangas behind the first layer and some are on my desk, accumulated over the years. (I had a period of mangaholicism when I didn't have access to internet, couldn't read English, so my only alternative was to buy the books and wait for every release in France. Whew)


Also how can I not post this LOL.


Many of you might recognize a fanart Hoshi from Arakawa under the Bridge which I need to catch up on made by nozmo, as my cellphone background.
It stares at you from the darkness whenever someone touches the phone /shot excuse me ? I ASSURE YOU I AM A VERY SANE PERSON !!!1 (and a very big troll, my ringtone is Gavin's GUILTY PLEASURE theme and it creeps out everyone in the bus/train/metro everytime. yessss)

Speaking about nozmo, here's a fanart I made not so long ago T3T (still a wip, but I haven't touched it ever since). It has nothing to do with paperplane, but-- extra bonus !!! 8DDD
please don't mind the extra short hand and problems in the lighting I will fix them someday.... someday.

For those who have read Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet, you might understand who is my favourite character.

For those who haven't read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? this is like one of the best webcomics ever GO GO READ IT NOW !!!! (◉ਊ◉)

and for me, time for bed...

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Sani URL 2011-05-12 Thu 02:14:52

Wahhhhhh!!! I am so envious of your manga collection! *o* I hope to have bookshelves filled with comics one day..hehe
I'm glad you're making progress with your comic though! Keep it up~ I can't wait to read it! I also love the way you put all the colours together in your TA&PV fanart tooo ahhh I must reread that again sometime because I haven't kept up with it lately... I shall do that now actually
I also must say I think you are a sane person compared to me but maybe it's because I only have a peek at who you really are because of this blog and it is probably me assuming from lack of information. and apologies for my lengthy comment haha

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