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  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/05/13 Fri 23:20
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A random stress-relief drawing I made one night I was feeling physically and mentally tired. I was listening to muse on shuffle, and for each song I made a drawing based on the rythm and what I felt from the melody.
(I can't remember which song was this one, though).

News are... that I am afraid that my laptop is dying. I really don't have luck with computers and technology, it seems... so I am restricting my access on internet via laptop (but am browsing on ipod instead), and it feels like I am missing out a lot of things.

Imagine how I freaked out when my laptop took ten whole minutes to turn on / turn off and almost froze over photoshop ? I guess that toning the last pages of Paperplane will take a little bit longer, and I apologize for this. :(
Right now, I am in the middle of doing my last portfolio (as I can) that is due in four days and well... isn't very advanced due to many things OTL.....
I am still in a comic-creativity block ; I really must stop asking myself too many questions and JUST DO IT.

Sorry everyone who reads this blog, it must be tiring to read so many negative entries lately ; to be honest, I am feeling exhausted - art-wise, family-wise, a lot of issues going on - but going to Canada from May 22nd to June 9th will make me change of air and (hopefully) give me an occasion to rest mentally. I will be at Montreal, Toronto (available either on Friday or Sunday at AN), and will have a small trip to NYC !

Hoping that better days will eventually come;
thank you guys for keeping up with me.


Reply to the comment on the previous entry under the cut.

You just need to hover the line after your name ;)

* Sani > No worries about the length, actually I LOVE lengty comments. I feel grateful to see that the person took the time to write such a comment and to look at what I post, so thank you Sani for your comment !
I really would love to make you read stories I'd be proud of, and I need to work very hard to reach that goal one day. Yes ; let's do that.
I'd love to make a book too, so I'll definitely post more info when it will come up ! (hopefully soon...) I must go out of this creativity art block... sigh

Right now I think that everyone who reads this blog must be bored at how whiny it is getting but I hope that it's alright with you !

aaaaaand yes do this do it go read it YOU MUST DO IT.

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