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Canada trip report... finally.

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  • 2011/06/17 Fri 00:34
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We're already the 16th of June, and I barely realize it ahaha... <__> time sure flies too fast.

I took a long time to write this blog entry I promised two weeks ago (?!!) because once I came back in Paris, I had to take care of matters such as art school inscriptions (which are good news because I got in the two schools I took the exam of !!), house cleaning, and well... sleeping. I think I haven't felt that tired for a long time ; my first time experiencing a (very harsh) jetlag Dx

As I haven't been drawing for almost a month (artblock + trip), I sort of fought against myself to get some drawings done before this post.

Now, I am working again on commissions, comics, and another project yet still in development. Whew !
Let's make enjoy this summer for all its worth !! è -é)9 for the remaining time...


Sketch commission wip ;), Oraix for Demonic-Essence. (Her character.)


Some sketches (chara design sheet) of Ethan, the main character in my comic ! I will scan more pictures on the next entry ;D

REPORT IS AFTER THE CUT (to prevent your browser and brains to go wild from the picture spam)

I have first been to Sherbrooke (in Québec) to visit my brother. It was really exciting to take the plane for the first time, but my mom liked to tease me by saying : "Hey look, we're sitting next to the reactors... so if it will explode, we will be the first to die 8D" Thanks mom....


Very beautiful picture of the sky I mean, reactor... or whatever you call it

Sorry brother, but I have to say that I didn't really like Sherbrooke that much. 8U it was quite desert where we lived, and while I was taking a walk by the area, it reminded me of old american westerns... with grannies and grandpas staring at you inimically whenever you crossed the street, idling on their chair in the middle of the afternoon... but it was really nice seeing you again after all that time.
Too bad I didn't have the time to visit Montreal !

So right after that amazing trace that some foods (milk, yoghurt-- *chokes*) left on my mind, we went to Toronto to visit other relatives. Somehow food went a lot better there ; the asian products were way better than in Paris/France, and I went to heaven when shopping in an asian supermarket named T&T ahhhh

I could post pictures I had taken there forever on the blog, but let's just have this awesome japanese candies package design that caught my eyes :


I also went to Niagara Falls for the first time, but it was really foggy that day so we couldn't see much 8( although I swear it must be really beautiful with a sunny weather.



The day after, I went to Anime North and met a bunch of friends !! I was really happy I could hang out with them (2013, okamagic, ameruu, lawn, eecks), they contributed a huge part to make that trip funnier for me ; w ; thank you guys... Sadly, I didn't take any photo Dx
Our trip to the US now ! From Toronto, we ordered a car tour trip and went to cities like NYC, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlantic City (which I feared for my life... there were the casinos next to the "ghettos" and all kind of weird people and weird shops. Never again.)


The CN tower in Toronto at 6:30AM (sunrise) when we left



Sideview of New York ! We didn't stay long in the city, but all I remember is those giantic skycrapers and neon ads @__@ although it was really fun.

; 3 ; the city that I enjoyed the most was Washington, thanks to its museums. I wish I could have stayed longer... and the museum shop was the most beautiful and creative museum shop I had ever seen (=´▽`)ゞ

Now back in Canada, my brother and his gf ordered before my arrival some shel-yang books and other surprises for my birthday.. it touched me a lot ;_;
But I got a quite bad surprise when the mail came in, some weeks later :



Someone cut the package pretty deeply with a knife and damaged one of the book to the point that the plastic jacket, the board cover + a few pages have been cut as well ??! (what the hell have they been thinking omfg)


I had a lot of little 4komas ideas about facts I had to confront during my trip but I.... kind of forgot them now OTL /UTTERFAIL

So... that's it for now.
Thank you for reading !!!! ♥

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