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Personality switch

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/07/15 Fri 20:53
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This is how Atsushi would probably look like if he had a personality-reverse.
I love drawing personality switch for my characters ! It's really interesting, as well as drawing them with different haircuts... (* q *)

Anyways ! I've been discovering and watching tooooons of korean/japanese dramas lately. Relaxing and taking a real break from drawing this time really was refreshing for me ; this time it was a break I took on my own, not a forced and frustrating break because of an artblock. (I was anyways in an artblock before so I couldn't help it ahaha)

It allowed me to study how the montage, OST, actors' play, backgrounds, plans, pacing, jokes, screenwriters etc. really had to be of the top quality all together to make a masterpiece. It's very interesting to study from movies, since I had never done so before...

I've been postponing the Japan Expo report (which exactly happened two weeks ago) many times out of lazyness, but the entry is still a draft and is full of crappy pictures dohoho. Coming soon though ! ;)

List of dramas I've watched :

Japanese dramas

★1 Hana kimi (2007) <-- Very funny !! Pause anytime in the drama and you will see what I am talking about... (especially the faces in the background) LOL
★2 Nodame Cantabile (2006)
★3 Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (2010)

Korean dramas

★1 You're beautiful (2009) <-- YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. THE BEST AND FUNNIEST I SWEAR. I recommend it to people who even have a hard time with romance ; this is really funny and not so cheesy. Watch it !!!
★2 Heartstrings (2011, currently airing)
★3 Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers (2009)
★4 Mary stayed out all night (2010)

I would strongly recommend you to watch You're beautiful, Hana Kimi (and for Boys before flowers, you need to go past the first episode. After that, it's really entertaining).

But you must watch You're beautiful.

must must must must (click to watch)

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