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Let's try not sink into depression...

20101009 キミ・トキ Chrys Kurios without typo :>

Chrys Kurios from my project キミ・トキ (to read : "Kimitoki")
- full name is 君と出逢った樹の下 ("Kimi to deatta ki no shita", Under the trees where we met )

in collaboration with the awesome nozmo.

I'm truly sorry everyone for the lack of updates; lately I have been so busy with school that I didn't even have the time to draw for myself.

This is so frustrating... I'd love to draw much more for myself, but also to improve faster and draw observational
sketches ; damn it, we have so much homework that I don't have the time to sleep.

Also, I miss talking to my friends... orz.

I wish I could post more of my art ;___; ; lately I decided to take again also my tumblr, to post stress-relief doodles ;
I think I will cross-post some of the things I like to this place.

If you want to see my stuff I do for school (which is different from what I usually do), I invite you to check

Maybe I should procrastinate less and browse less internet when I'm depressed and under stress, and study/work more.... "orz.

In my current to-do-list :

School >
- Finish the depressed dude photo project. (many hours !)
- Do that spongebob squarepants modelsheet exercise
- Do those 15 boards... ugh
- Finish that acrylic painting. If I have time I should do another one.
- Do research for art history, start learning dates, etc.
- Start research for oral test
- Do research about "réseau" & "structure" + find an item around those two keywords.

General >
- Draw more for myself.
- Post more around the net !!!


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lb URL 2010-10-10 Sun 18:36:23

ahhh i love his haiiir ;////;

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