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Photo log ★1

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2011/11/27 Sun 18:04
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Whew, finally found the time to post something here.

More three weeks before my brother comes back from Canada to Paris ! yayyy
He will also give me his laptop, mine is actually dying (the battery is dead, I had a hard time making it run.. ahem) wow I have such unluck with computers """OTL
But hopefully then, I will have Windows 7, the programs I need to study, working sound (yes currently I have no sound on the computer, on top of recurring random shutdowns...) SO... LET'S BE POSITIVE ! My new challenge will then be to finish all my commissions and stuff before the end of the year. And get a fresh start at drawing, reading, doing "animation" and comics. ( è___é)9

Alright, let's see now...

Some pictures I have taken back in October, and that I forgot to post. It was still sunny, I like the colors of fall. This year, we were blessed with an "indian summer" within fall : it was so hot and nice ^3^

1- View from my bathroom at 6am

2- Somewhere next to the Bercy Park in Paris, there was an anatomy manikin in the middle of the building, hahaha

3- Luxembourg Gardens at lunch. It's very nice to eat there... except when it's too cold. But still very nice !

4- A cultural library and place called la Gaîté Lyrique, free of access for young as elder people, directed to graphism/video games/internet/small animations. I love the design there, so refined. There are a bunch of weekly different old / new games that you can try freely. Huh-huh.

One very positive point this year, is that my school is located at a very beautiful place within Paris. It's not too far from the museums (Louvre, Orsay, etc) and I never get depressed from the train transport, unlike last year. That's how I realize how settings for your school can be really important and influence your everyday mood.

Now more recently, taken in November :

5- Vietnamese rice galets with um.. I don't know how it's called LOL BUT IT'S GOOD YUM

6- One day I was going to the figure drawing course, on the way I felt like taking pictures...

(I particularly like that last picture !! It was a café at the corner of the street, and the haussmanian buildings reflection above it... uuu sobs I love Paris so much)

* * * * *

I like taking pictures but I usually get lazy editing/posting them online because it takes time >:T

Next photolog post will contain a bunch of pictures I have taken at the Louvre.
Go go go guys ! Keep on fighting hard in those times of midterms and stuff !

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