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Happy new year !

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/01/01 Sun 21:51
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Now a link to a small sidestory I made back in May 2011 and finally finished toning during the holidays. I wanted this done before 2012. :9

Click on the banner to read !

I might remove it later when I start the actual comic, so people wouldn't get confused. (Perhaps things won't happen like this later, even though the characters remain the same.)

Anyways, I wish you to stay healthy, inspired, and to be successful in anything you make.
As for me, this new year... I need to :
- manage my time better
- produce more things
- improve in drawing by working a lot more
- if possible, manage a webcomic. At least, make comics.
- be more independant, eat and sleep well, stay healthy.

Onwards to 2012 !!!

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