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[OC] Cianan Hyde - charactersheet, pictures+

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2012/01/08 Sun 21:43
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Some drawings I made a while ago / this week-end and that I promised myself I would absolutely finish... sigh i should never promise myself to do things because I END UP BEING LATE FOR OTHER THINGS *face in palms*

Anyways, it's been a long moment I wanted to finish drawing the character sheet of my OC Cianan Hyde (and which I first developed for Law-of-X one year ago) but who will appear in another serious project. Even though I probably won't have the time to rp much, I still want to continue to develop this character, draw his different expressions, reactions, and dynamic poses/fights ! And practice cellshading with him. 8D;;


Finished ver.

* * *

Some sketches from before :

* * *

If you want to follow his twitter, you can click on the icon below. (I locked it to avoid spams, but feel free to add him) :>

>> His final charactersheet (with all the information) is viewable here <<

Now, school........

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