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平田 和秀
My character HIRATA Kazuhide from my story "Mr. Dead Eyes" (Beautiful Days).

I can't reveal the story synopsis yet, but everything is written in my mind ! It will be a short oneshot. (More than one chapter, but something like one volume I hope.)

The story which is behind this character is dear to me ; I am currently working on that project, and I'd like, when it'll be done, to upload it somewhere / print it / or even submit it to publishers if the quality is not too bad.

So here have many doodles (researchs at first) I did this summer !

(First drawing I made of him) :

2010-08-08 03 Kazuhide 2nd small

(Then I tried to draw him again, but better |DD) /fails :

2010-08-08 04 Kazuhide modelsheet #2 small

2010-08-08 04 Kazuhide modelsheet #1 small

2010-08-08 01 Kazuhide 2nd small

And here is a younger Kazuhide in front of the mirror (well we can't tell that but he is looking at himself)

Haha you can see how my sketches are just so messy sometimes Q__Q
Actually my sketching progress depends of the moment : sometimes I start all clean directly, but sometimes I sketch very messy and clean afterwards, and sometimes I let it be sketchy (an not finish it LOL;;)

ahh it reminds me of my huge waiting drawing list that is staring at me in a corner being all emo
akdjfhgkdjfhg also sorry for the huge uninteresting bust dump /rollsaway

Replies to the previous entries are under the cut.

(please hover to see the reply to the comment)

* Nio nio > http://monochronism.blogspot.com I'll post my school stuff here ! Actually I had to change of account (due to email address issues) and so the URL, at first it was monochronisme. So I think that after ninety days (the time it will take to delete completely the previous empty blog) I will change my URL back to monochronisme.
Thank you so much for your support ! <333

* lb Ahhh //// thank you so much for commenting on my blog !! I'm very curious to know who you could be ; mmm ; sob this "lb" makes me wonder if I know you... Do you have a site or anything so I could identify you ?

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Coffee URL 2010-10-21 Thu 20:53:20

Oh Kiwishuu, I am so curious about the story asklskfjlas
I can't wait to read it!

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