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Oekaki dump

  • Posted by: K★R
  • 2010/11/03 Wed 22:20
  • Rakugaki
Hey guys !

Just posting some old oekaki pictures I had on my computer... Some of you may have already see one of them, because I posted it once -then deleted it-, but here I am again ! :)

On Twitter, I asked if I should post my old drawings I found by digging into my pc, and the answer I got was "yes please share !"... so... whenever I have the time, I'll post entries on queue, upload, resize those pictures (argh so much time-sucking D: ), and so there will be at least one post a week on this blog... just another way to keep it alive /runs

On other news, I have many many awesome VOCALOID videos to share with you.
I am being busy with school still, as always :/ and I need to work much much more and manage my time... T 3T I hope I'll be able to keep up with you guys SOB


Okay anyways here are the pictures, expect more to come soon ! :D
Random Original Characters design that I'll probably use again one day hehe..

2010-06-27 Oekaki #1

(I can't resize the picture, or else the dots get weird... so I'll just leave it like that)

2010-06-27 Oekaki #2 progress

One screencap from the pchat session before I finished the drawing...

2010-06-27 Oekaki #2


2010-06-27 Oekaki #3

Random picture... because I felt the mood like that :I

Also, all those oekaki pics come from June-July '10 TvT...

See you soon guys ! /dying under work
FKJAHKJSHD I've got my art history to study... SOBS....

Currently listening to :

omg just check it out-- the PV is AWESOME, the animation beautiful, the story sad but pretty, and also character designs + graphical universe = *Q* /drooling forever

Now I want to do fanarts.. orz

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